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Julie Martin  is taking photographs in the desert when she witnesses a massive explosion in the sky. Beads of a strange metal rain down on her along with one long twisty strip. The mercury-like metal adherers to her skin and when she takes the longer piece it fuses to her chest and draws the beads to it where they flow into liquid skin like covering. When she goes to her truck the rest flows onto her and so the symbiotic suit has found an owner. The explosion she witnessed was scientist Annie Trotters murder while wearing the suit on a test flight. Now she must avoid the forces of the suits owners as they try to get it back.


Following the massive success that was Terry Moore's last outing, Strangers in Paradise, this is his new series and it shares much of the visual style the characterizes his work. Terry Moore is a long time collaborator with Trey Moore and publisher Abstract Studios, both of whom are involved in this publication.

Character Evolution

 Julie is our 'everyman' character, she could so easily be us and we can identify with her struggle. At the start she is lonely, afraid for herself and the future with one true friend in her life, her dog. Her bonding with the suit and the subsequent thrust into the firing line hardly dents that honest, law-abiding citizen mold and its only through necessity that she goes on the run, fearing for her life.

As the suits range of effects on her become obvious is where we see the evolution of her character, literally. She begins to grow taller and stronger, often noticeably within the space of a few pages, and bolder and more intelligent as Annie's mind melds with hers and they share knowledge.

Towards the end of the arc she even becomes stronger in character, possibly due to Annie's influence, and more willing to use the power of the suit to aid them in their quest to stop the end of the world.

Major Story Arcs 

Julie has a sister Pam who is in a care home after the devastating event that killed the rest of Julies family. When Julie visits her after the suits initial attachment she has a prophetic vision and tells her not to fall, if she falls the sky will catch fire. 
Julie goes on the run when military forces try to detain her with deadly force, aided by Dillon who happened to be there at the time. He takes her to his biker friends who set them up with a bike, a phone and disguises. They drive to a motel but Ivy manages to intercept their disposable mobile and get a message to Julie that the suit is radioactive and she needs tom come in. 
That night the homeless man, she met in the hospital car-park, arrives at the motel and starts killing the bikers with his metal hand before facing off with Julie. Their powers fire at each other and Julie's seems the stronger as it blows him through a wall as she protects Dillon. She then blows the whole building with him away to nothing. On the run from Cain he catches up with them again and her suit attacks him without her consent disturbing Dillon. Julie's suit blows a crater in the road and takes down Cain so they escape once more. Dillon is not happy at the unpredictability of the suit and starts to walk away saying that this is not something Annie would have been involved in, when Julie hears a voice in her mind and says words Annie once said to him. Shocked he grabs Julie and gets knocked out himself.  

While Dillon dreams of Annie Cain has caught up to them again and blasts Julie into the ground intending to take the suits from her. When Cain touches her there is an explosion and all goes black. In his dream Annie tells Dillon to take her to Will.  
Dillon requires CPR after his shock from the suit and Julie reveals that she has been speaking with Annie and even taking over her mind at times. Dillon notes theres more metal on her body now too. She confirms the metal moves but also it might have come from Cain.

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