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In the pre-Crisis continuity, Julia Remarque was born to her mother Mademoiselle Marie of the French resistance. Her father was Alfred Pennyworth, who had been stationed in France during World War II. She has been raised by her mother's friend Jacques Remarque due to her mother's dangerous lifestyle.


Julia Remarque first appeared in Detective Comics #501 (dated April 1981) from writer Gerry Conway and artist Don Newton.

Major Story Arcs

Batman Eternal

Batman comes across Julia in Hong Kong while she is working for the SRR, attempting to take down the city's crime boss, who is connected to Carmine Falcone. During the encounter, Julia is stabbed by her target, and after he defeats the man who stabbed her, Batman patches her up, discovers her identity, and brings her back to Gotham where Bruce Wayne "agrees" to take her in, along with her father, Alfred Pennyworth. When Julia wakes, she's eager to leave as soon as she can, despite her wounds. Julia, already harboring anger towards Alfred due to abandonment issues, is disgusted to learn that her father seems to be nothing more than a servant to a spoiled billionaire.


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