One little change I would have made to Spider-Man Grim Hunt

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I would have loved to see Arana wear Mattie's spider-suit at the conclusion of Grim Hunt instead of taking Julia's and leaving her in that drab red trench-coat deal that I hate (i mean Madame Web had a decent costume, why did Julia just get civilian clothes and shades when she became the new MW?) . I felt after how stoic and brave she was up to the moment of her death, Mattie should have been honored (and her blue suit with the stylized red spider design is one of my favorite spider-woman costumes) by having Arana wear her costume. Just my thoughts

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Actually that's a really good idea. I never liked the costume she got from Julia Carpenter, too boring, and derivative of Venom. The only hitch is that Mattie Franklin didn't have just one costume. She seemed to change her look every issue during her series, so many to choose from.

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I like Anya's Spider-girl costume. (Duh.)

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@EvilAndy I meant the one Mattie finally settled on in the last issues of her comic (and the one she wore when she died...that dark-blue one with the red spider on the chest) would look so good on Anya as her new Spider-Girl costume (and then Julia could have kept her costume...I hate her current look..nothing spidery about it)

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I agree, Mattie's last costume is much better than the one Anya wears now. Also it would have been better from an emotional point of view. Julia giving her costume to Anya was nice, but Anya taking on the costume of a fallen hero would have been very noble.

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@EvilAndy: Good idea, I wish they'd have done that.

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nah i hope marvel brings back Mattie and make her like a mentor the Anya or something more significant. mattie's death to experiment a resurrection was really stupid. The thing thats interesting is not even a member of the jameson family know that she is gone....

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The entire purpose of Grim Hunt was to promote Anya. Give her an ironic costume and kill off Mattie so she wouldn't be redundant. But that backfired and now she is pretty much just a background character.

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