Character » Jughandle appears in 4 issues.

    Jughandle is a member of the B-Sides, with the ability to move himself and others outside the timestream.

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    Four Raven's Perch teenaged metahuman spent many a schoolnight and weekend applying their unique skills to curing the suburban blues. Feeva moved on to the bigtime, leaving Jughandle, Fateball and Mize consigned to the everyday. All of that changed when Charley Huckle proposed a offer they couldn't refuse... to manage and promote the trio as a super-team...  The B-Sides!

    Jesse, the son of an a Raven's Perch elected official, possesses the metahuman ability to step outside of the space-time continuum and into a "jug-handle" of the continuum where space-time is drastically slowed. From this jug handle he can watch unseen and listen unheard.

    After a localized Kree-Skrull conflict (apparently their ages-long conflict apparently reaches as far out as suburbia), the use of his abilities had drawn the attention of the Fantastic Four. After Reed Richards warned Jesse that his powers may have a devastating effect on space-time, Jesse expressed (in an angsty teen way) no intention of prohibiting the use of his unique ability. Fortunately the FF manage to sneak in a cure so reality isn't at risk of tearing apart.


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