Judy Walton

    Character » Judy Walton appears in 92 issues.

    Judy Walton is a member of the Sea Devils and the girlfriend of Dane Dorrance.

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    Judy Walton was created by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath.

    Current Events

    The Sea Devils are viewed as controversial environmentalists because they protect the ocean and the creatures that live in it. In Aquaman #17, Judy, her brother Nick and their leader Dane Dorrance tried to stop Captain Moller from whaling before Aquaman and a group of Atlanteans intervened. Dorrance confronted Aquaman about his allegiance and got shot and injured by Murk for getting too close to the King. Judy rushed over to check how badly Dane had been injured while Aquaman scolded Murk for his attack.


    Judy Walton is a member of the Sea Devils. She is a master swimmer and an expert in deep sea diving. She possesses above average strength due to her intensive regular exercise.


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    One little known rumor that is probably true is that lovely Judy Walton was Stan Lee's inspiration to create Susan Storm, as the Sea Devils team reportedly gave him the idea to create the Fantastic Four. The similiarities between Judy Walton and Susan Storm are quite striking. Each of them were girlfriends to the team leader. They both had a younger brother as a member of the team. Each of them had a muscular friend who was the fourth member of their respective quartets. Judy and Susan were often portrayed as "damsels in distress", especially in the early Sea Devils issues and the early Fantastic Four issues. Certainly Judy Walton and Susan Storm are at the top of the list for the most beautiful blonde heroines from the Silver Age.


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