Judson Jakes

    Character » Judson Jakes appears in 20 issues.

    Proprietor of Mayhem Mekaniks, a toy company on Halfworld

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    Judson Jakes is a sentient mole from Halfworld. The first time he surfaced from his holes under ground, he had the urge to control the stars. He murdered the parents of Lylla and took control of their toy company  Mayhem Mekaniks. But this was still not enough. He had his toymaker Uncle Pyko create him a squad of killer robots which became known as the Psycho Circus. He sent one of his killer clowns to his direct competition, the toy company of Lord Dyvyne, and had his lead toymaker killed. 
    This started the Toy War on Halfworld for the total control of all the toy manufacturing. In response, Dyvyne kidnapped Lylla, planning to marry her and take control of Judson's company. When both were betrayed by the kidnapped, Blackjack O'Hare, Judson and Dyvyne joined forces against their biggest threat - Rocket Raccoon

    Judson and Dyvyne were both defeated when Pyko made toys that restored the intelligence of the Loonies of Halfworld, the main purpose of the toy companies. Rocket Raccoon left him and Dyvyne on a pile of trash and left for the stars. 


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