Judson Caspian

    Character » Judson Caspian appears in 17 issues.

    A wealthy socialite and violent vigilante.

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    This article is about the second person to use the name Reaper. For the first person to use that name, see Reaper. For the third person to use that name, see Joe Chill, Jr..


    Born and raised in Gotham in the mid-20th century, Judson Caspian was the scion of a wealthy family, and enjoyed life as a socialite amongst the upper echelons of Gotham society. As a young man he married, and his wife gave birth to their only child, Rachel.


    Caspian was created by Mike W Barr and Alan Davis.

    Major Story Arcs


    Following the murder of his wife, who is killed by a street thief, Caspian becomes a brutal vigilante, taking up the identity of the Reaper. He stalks the streets of Gotham, targeting and summarily executing mainly juvenile delinquents. This brings him to the attention of Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, who returns from retirement to confront the murderous vigilante. Greatly outmatched by the Green Lantern, Caspian manages to gain the upper hand when he lashes out with his nunchaku, which break through the Green Lantern's force field due to his weakness to wood. Escaping, Caspian travels to Europe, where he remains for some time.


    Returning to Gotham after his self-imposed exile, Caspian again takes up the mantle of the Reaper and returns to his murderous pursuits. This brings him into conflict with Batman, who he manages to defeat. Caspian begins working for organized crime, accepting the contracts on the lives of Batman and Joe Chill, with whom Batman has begun working. Caspian interrupts the pair in Crime Alley, where a confrontation between Chill and Batman lead to Batman revealing the fact that Chill had killed his parents. Caspian shoots Chill in the head, destroying Batman's chance for vengeance. He and Batman then fight, with Batman eventually gaining the upper hand and forcing him into a precarious position on some scaffolding. Upon realizing Caspian's identity, Batman attempts to save the man, but Caspian refuses his assistance and allows himself to plunge to his death.

    Powers and Abilities

    Caspian has no known superhuman abilities. He is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, and proficient with short bladed weapons.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Caspian wears armour made of boiled leather which grants him a level of imperviousness to blunt force trauma and bullets. His armour is tipped at the knee and fist with spikes to heighten the impact of any blows he deals his opponent. He wields two scythe-like weapons, which double as a handgun and smoke pellet dispensers.


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