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    Also referred to as "The Sword of Zion," Judith is an Israeli ninja who is a member of the Hayoth.

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    A highly trained fighter, infiltrator, spy, saboteur, and assassin, Judith works for the Mossad-run metahuman group, Hayoth, operating under the command of Col. Hacohen.

    Judith takes here code name from a Hebrew name that means "praised."

    Major Story Arcs

    Serpent of Chaos

    Bronze Tiger prepares to engage Judith as the injured Vixen lies on the ground.
    Bronze Tiger prepares to engage Judith as the injured Vixen lies on the ground.

    Hayoth's first known operation was the capture of the terrorist Kobra, who’d been planning actions in Israel. It went remarkably well, and Kobra was imprisoned within their HQ.

    When the freelance Suicide Squad arrived in Jerusalem soon after, the Hayoth were assigned to watch or capture them. Following Vixen, Judith also found the Squad members Ravan and Bronze Tiger, who had to sneak into the country because of Ravan’s criminal record. Judith revealed her presence to the trio by taking out Vixen with one of her shuriken. Ravan and Bronze Tiger resisted arrest, and together managed to force her to retreat.

    While Ravan took off to deal with Kobra, Bronze Tiger tried taking Vixen to a hospital, but Judith ambushed him, fully intending to kill him. They fought, and even though he outclassed her, he offered to surrender if she agreed to get Vixen medical attention.


    Judith vs. Batman
    Judith vs. Batman

    Under the mistaken impression they would be allowed to take Qurac’s President Marlo into custody from the Americans, the Hayoth infiltrated the American military base where he was a prisoner. This resulted in a three way battle against Jihad (who were there to free Marlo) and Superman, Batman, and Aquaman (who were trying to unravel the mystery of the death of Ray Palmer). Judith found herself battling Batman, and despite holding her own was eventually defeated.

    The Jihad were captured after it was revealed that the Marlo they were rescuing was really Nemesis in disguise, and the other two groups tried to talk things out; however, events had been partially orchestrated by Amanda Waller and Commander Steel to uncover a Quraci mole within the US government. They had abducted the real Marlo (replacing him with Nemesis) and interrogated him while the other groups were at the military base. The mole (a US Air Force officer named Major McClellan) was stationed on the base, and freed the Jihad, leading to a skirmish involving Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Hayoth, Jihad, and the Suicide Squad, who had arrived to apprehend the mole

    The Spectre

    The Hayoth was later assigned to guard a former Palestinian terrorist, Kemal Saad, at a peace talks between Israel and Palestinians in Cairo, Egypt. None of the team were particularly happy with the assignment, least of all Col. Hacohen, who had lost family to Saad’s atrocities. It became more dangerous when the Spectre arrived intending to punish Saad for his crimes.

    The Hayoth did what they could to stop the Spectre, but Eclipso possessed Hacohen and shot Judith to get to Saad. Although not explicitly stated, Judith managed to survive the gunshot wound, as she would appear later.


    During the United Nation’s global Operation: GRASSBEATER, the members of Hayoth were deputized as Checkmate agents for the duration of the emergency and eliminated a large Kobra cell hidden in Tel Aviv.


    Judith's shuriken
    Judith's shuriken

    A highly skilled armed and unarmed combatant, Judith has been shown to be able to hold her own against Batman and the Bronze Tiger. She is usually armed with a sword and a number of shuriken, all of which she is highly capable with.


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