Judith Grimes

    Character » Judith Grimes appears in 35 issues.

    Judith Grimes was Lori and Rick's daughter born in the prison.

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    Judith's paternity is in question since her mother Lori had an affair with Shane while her father Rick was in a coma. Regardless, Rick plans on raising her as if the fling with Shane never happened.


    Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

    Major Story Arcs

    Lori's pregnancy is a going concern for the group, but even more-so when it is actually time to have the child. Lori goes in to labor near the evening and the group recognizes the need to have the generator on for light. With gas low, Billy and Dale go to siphon gas from the prison's parked cars. Alice and Hershel deliver Judith to the joy of Rick and Lori.

    As her first exposure to her world, Judith must immediately share a room with Dale. He had been bit on the ankle by a zombie and Rick amputates his leg below the knee.

    Life is quiet for a while until the prison is attacked by the Governor. Judith is relatively safe with her mother until the Woodbury tank crashes through the prison's fences and the Woodbury militants enter the premises. Rick tries to lead his family out of the jail. The Governor sees them fleeing and convinces one of his soldiers to shoot Lori in the back. Lori's fall crushes Judith and both die. When Lilly, the soldier who fired the fatal shot, discovers that she'd shot a mother and killed a baby, she turns on the Governor and shoots him in the head.


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