Judge Roffman

    Character » Judge Roffman appears in 41 issues.

    Originally of the SJS, Judge Roffman was recruited by PSU after he was caught trying to bug his commanding officer.

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    Like all Judges, Roffman was inducted into the Justice Academy at an early age, he was promoted to Judge early under the fast track program due to an aptitude for snooping.


    Judge Roffman was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, he appears in the Judge Dredd series of comic books. The character first appeared in 1998, in 2000AD issue 1101.

    Major Story Arcs

    Judge Roffman originally was part of the Special Judicial Squad, he was transferred to Street Judge after he tried to bug his superior officer's office. He was then suspended from duty after he mistakenly shot another Judge in a raid. While trying to make amends he was again caught trying bug his superior's office. This would of lead to the end of his career, and likely a trip to Titan, if it were not for Judge Edgar, head of PSU, who had him transferred to the Public Surveillance Unit. Since then he has work many times with Judge Dredd and distinguished himself during the Total War terrorist plot.


    "I resent your tone ma'am. I consider it a duty, a privilege, and an honor to be chosen to uncover the wrongdoings of my fellow officers"


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