Judge Irwin Hall

    Character » Judge Irwin Hall appears in 31 issues.

    The father of Don and Hank Hall.

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    Judge Irwin Hall is the father of Hank Hall (the first Hawk), and Don Hall (the first Dove). 
    Judge Hall served as a judge at the Elmond Country Courthouse, and was considered a fair judge. After the trial of Mr. Dargo, Dargo's gang members threw a bomb into the Hall house, catching Judge Hall in the explosion. Hall was rushed to the hospital, and kept under guard. Unknown to Judge Hall, a disembodied voice granted his sons Hank and Don superhuman powers and the identities Hawk and Dove, to avenge him. As Mr. Dargo's men try a second attempt in the judge's hospital room, Hawk and Dove come in to stop the thugs and save Judge Hall's life. Even though they are heroes, Judge Hall decries Hawk and Dove as vigilantes, and asks them to turn themselves in.
    Over the years, Hank and Don hid their identities from their father. Their father would consistently call for Hawk and Dove to end their vigilantism, all the while teaching young Hank and Don the importance of right and wrong.


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