Judge Guthrie

    Character » Judge Guthrie appears in 56 issues.

    Cyborg Judge of Mega-City One.

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    Like all Judges Guthrie was enrolled into the Academy of Law at a young age. Guthrie passed his Judge test and ended up working as an undercover agent in the notorious sector known as The Pit.

    Whist working a case Guthrie discovered that his supervisor and many other Judges in his department were corrupt, and working as hired killers for the mob.

    The Judges attempted to kill Guthrie to keep him quiet, but Guthrie was too fast and ended up killing all three of them first. Not knowing who to trust at this point, Guthrie went rogue.


    Judge Guthrie was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Appearing in the Judge Dredd series of comic books, the character was first introduced in 1995, in 2000AD issue 971.

    Major Character Arcs

    The Pit

    Judge Dredd is sent by his superiors to the sector named the Pit in order to clean up the area, get rid of the corrupt Judges, and get everyone else to clean up their act.

    Guthrie breaks into Dredd's office and attempts to explain his situation, Dredd tries to make him turn himself in, but Guthrie is not interested, Guthrie hands him a list of corrupt Judges and escapes.

    Dredd starts to investigate and arrest the Judges on the list, however the remaining corrupt Judges manage to track Guthrie down with the intention of murder. Dredd turns up at the last minute and kills one of the corrupt Judges, he catches up and detains Guthrie in the process.

    Dredd decides to re-instate Guthrie as a Judge, and Guthrie takes part in a huge final battle against the mob of the Pit alongside Dredd and the other Judges.


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