Judge Giant Jr.

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    Judge of Mega-City One and Son of the renowned Judge Giant Sr.

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    Judge Giant Jr was the result of a secret love affair between Judge Giant and a Mega-City One citizen named Adele Dormer, a well known interior designer.

    Both of Giant's parents died when he was a child, his father, Judge Giant Senior was killed by Orlok the Assassin whilst trying to stop the terrorist attack known as Block Mania, his mother was murdered by a street gang in front of him, Giant tried to fight them off, but to no avail.


    Judge Giant Jr was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1989, he first appeared in 2000AD issue #651 in the story titles "Young Giant".

    Major Story Arcs

    Young Giant

    Judge Giant is first seen as a young cadet. He was introduced to Judge Dredd as a very promising, but problematic teenager, the son of the highly respected Judge Giant Sr. Dredd is charged with taking the boy out and showing him the ropes in the hope of it increasing the boy's focus.

    The crime the two investigate, the creation and circulation of snuff magazines takes some unexpected turns, and eventually the evidence leads them to none other than the murderer of Giant's mother.

    Judge Dredd tested the boy to see if he would give in to his emotions and kill his mother's murderer in cold blood, but Giant decided to follow protocol and arrested the man instead.


    The next time Giant is seen he's still a Cadet. At this stage the disaster known as Necropolis is in full swing, with many of the Judges of Mega-City One either dead, or turned traitor in the wake of the Dark Judges and the Sisters of Death taking control of Mega-City One.

    Judge Giant leads a group of young Cadets as they try to escape from the city, they find a way out but unfortunately Judge Mortis finds them, and begins to stalk the children.

    After escaping from Judge Mortis the children find an injured Judge Anderson, and protect her from attackers until Dredd and McGruder turn up after their return from the Cursed Earth.

    Becoming a Judge

    A few years later Cadet Giant is given his Judge test, with Judge Dredd as his supervisor, at 15 years old the Rookie is the youngest to have ever attempted the final test.

    The two are called to deal with a huge robot causing mayhem in the city, Giant bravely climbs the robot, being covered by Judge Dredd, and manages to hit its emergency shutdown.

    Afterwards the two track the robots earlier movements to try to find out why it malfunctioned, the discover a new robot rebellion is being planned, with none other than Walter the Wobot at the helm.

    Judge Dredd and Giant storm the robots base shooting and destroying the rebel robots, but Walter himself is not so easily dealt with, and shoots Dredd through the soldier. With Dredd about to die, Cadet Giant reaches the two and shoots Walter to pieces at the last moment.

    Giant passes his Judge exam with flying colours.

    Life as a Judge

    In the course of his career Judge Giant has joined up with Dredd on many occasions.

    During The Pit story arc Giant came to aid Dredd in cleaning up the infamous sector, helping him to investigate and root out corruption, and

    The character was also indispensable in the fight against the Alien threat set up by Mr Bones in the Alien crossover arc called Incubus.


    Like all Judges, Judge Giant has had extensive training in unarmed combat, weapons usage, and tactics, he was considered top in his class throughout Cadet School.


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