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Cover: Nick Percival

  • Judge Dredd - Quaranteens (Rory McConville - Clint Langley)
  • Lawless - Ashes To Ashes (Part 2) (Dan Abnett - Phil Winslade)
  • Storm Warning - Over My Dead Body (Part 2) (Leah Moore - John Reppion - Jimmy Broxton)
  • Blunt - Blunt II (Part 2) (T.C. Eglington - Boo Cook)
  • The Dark Judges - The Torture Garden (Part 2) (David Hine - Nick Percival)

Graphic Novel - Johnny Woo

  • Judge Dredd - Hong Tong (Part 1 - 2) (Gordon Rennie - ?)
  • Johnny Woo - A Bullet In the Head (Part 1 - 3) (Gordon Rennie - Paul J Holden)
  • Johnny Woo - A Hong Tong Ghost Story (Part 1 - 2) (Gordon Rennie - Paul J Holden)

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