Judge Dredd Megazine #296

    Judge Dredd Megazine » Judge Dredd Megazine #296 - Meg 296 released by Rebellion on April 27, 2010.

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    Cover: Jon Davis-Hunt (Tempest)

    • Judge Dredd - Out Law (Rob Williams - Guy Davis)
    • Interview - Jesus Redondo
    • Tank Girl - Flying Ant Day (part 1) (Alan Martin - Rufus Dayglo)
    • Tempest - Time Zero (part 5) (Al Ewing - Jon Davis-Hunt)
    • Interview - Kek-W
    • Judge Dredd - The Lost Cases - Vote De Vito (Alan Grant - Paul Marshall)

    Graphic novel 21 - The Best of Pulp Sci-Fi (cover: Henry Flint)

    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Grunts (reprint 2000ad prog 1096) (Dan Abnett - Mark Harrison)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Welcome to the Machine (reprint 2000ad prog 1119) (Kek-W - Colin Wilson)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Space Weed (reprint 2000ad prog 1120) (Mark Harrison)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - The Irydian Factor (reprint 2000ad prog 1125) (Robbie Morrison - Colin Wilson)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Blood of Heroes (reprint 2000ad prog 1126) (Mark Harrison)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Coy's Big Score (reprint 2000ad prog 1129) (Dan Abnett - Neil Googe)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Eggs is Eggs (reprint 2000ad prog 1145) (Mike Carey - Cliff Robinson)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Skin Bazarr (reprint 2000ad prog 1169) (Colin Clayton and Chris Dows - Dean Ormston)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Psico (reprint 2000ad prog 1160) (Robbie Morrison - Nigel Raynor)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - War of Words (reprint 2000ad prog 1159) (Robbie Morrison - Cliff Robinson)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Chronvicts (reprint 2000ad prog 1172) (Gordon Rennie - Siku)
    • Pulp Sci-Fi - Space Scum (reprint 2000ad prog 1177) (Colin Clayton and Chris Dows - Cliff Robinson)


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