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Judge Chalmers was a friend of the Trask family and helped Larry Trask with his plan to avenge Larry's father, with a vastly superior generation of Sentinel. Shocked and disillusioned by Larry's unconscionable anti-mutant fanaticism, He was forced to take extreme measures (wresting the medallion from Larry's neck that, had removed the memory of his fortelling His mother's death and, to that day had kept his True nature hidden in plain sight) leaving Him vulnerable to the machinations of His own creations. Judge Chalmers threw himself into the path of a Sentinel ray blast meant for Cyclops (in retaliation for the attempted release of Cyclops' brother Havok). The Sentinels stopped in their tracks, automatically altering their priorities, THEIR Prime Directive (Mk II's) being Protection of Humans, and commenced to minister to the Judge's injuries.

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