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Judge Armour was one of Brit-Cit's top street judges until his demise during the Necropolis disaster, when the necromancer Sabbat raised armies of zombies across the globe to attack the world's Mega-Cities.


Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Brendan McCarthy, Judge Armour was the first British judge ever seen in the 2000AD series Judge Dredd. He debuted in Prog 485 in the story Atlantis.

Major Story Arcs

Brit-Cit's top street judge, Judge Armour worked alongside his Mega-City One counterpart, Judge Dredd, when both lawmen did a tour of duty in Atlantis, an underwater metropolis that serves as a waystation in the trans-Atlantic tunnel, and which is jointly administered by the Mega-City One and Brit-Cit Justice Departments. Armour later worked as Judge Hershey's liaison during her first visit to Brit-Cit.

Years later, when Sabbat's zombie armies attacked all the world's Mega-Cities, Judge Armour was one of the delegates to the international gathering of Judges from across the globe held in Hondo City. Using information provided by time-travelling bounty hunter Johnny Alpha, Sabbat's hideout was located, and the decision was taken to attack the necromancer with a taskforce composed of one representative judge from each Mega-City. Armour was Brit-Cit's chosen agent, but was killed during the mission.


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