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Judeau is former acrobat in a travelling circus. He has many talents and doesn't like attention all that much. Judeau is wise and mature for his age which is around 16. He joins the Band of Hawk just to blend in with the crowd. Griffth often speaks with Judeau to talk of key figures of the band and mentioned Gutts and Caska as the two most valuable.Judeau spends moments at a time either with Gutts or with Caska. Judeau attempts to get Gutts to admitt his feelings towards Caska on occassions. He hides the fact of his own fondness of the girl but knew she would never see him like Gutts or Griffth. Judeau becomes an essential member as Caska chooses him along with Pippin and Corkus to save Griffth when captured for an affair with the princess Charlotte. Judeau ended up fighting for his life aside Caska and others during the dreaded Ceremony of the Eclipse where Griffth summoned demons to the physical world. He died trying to confess to Caska but could not do it even in the end.

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