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Jude is a member of the Kresh race. It was a warrior society, everyone having to serve in the military. The entire society appears to be cyborgs built for battle.

The Kresh were at battle with the with a race they called the Scales, a reptilian breed of humanoid. As commander of the first wave platoon they came upon an enemy with much greater numbers. Only himself, Shaara and Janus survived. They were left for dead by their enemy. They killed a traveler and stole his ship to return home. When they reached their homeworld they only found ashes and destruction. Their entire race had been annihilated.

The three of them formed the Collection Agency and began working as mercenaries. They often worked for the Collector.

Jude appeared to be killed in a battle with the Silver Surfer. He was later seen with the other members of his group but it is unknown whether or not his mind remains in his cyborg shell.


Jude was created by Ron Marz and Ron Lim in 1992 and first appeared in Silver Surfer # 61.


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