Judas Traveller

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    Judas Traveller is a world-renowned criminal psychologist and philosopher who craves to understand the true nature of evil using his favourite subject; Spider-Man

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    Judas Traveller
    Judas Traveller

     Doctor Judas Traveller first appeared on a rather gloomy night at the Ravencroft hospital after receiving an invitation to visit from Dr. Ashley Kafka, mainly due to his world renowned status as a criminal psychologist. He appeared along with a group of 'students' with whom he claimed aided him in his studies; Chakra, Boone, Mr. Nacht and Medea to take a tour of the facility despite the fact that is was still recovering from a superhuman riot. Within moments of arriving Traveller has Mr. Nacht and Medea sent off to explore the security room and gain information about the workings and treatments of the hopsital whilst he, Chakra and Boone converse with Dr. Kafka, who shortly after leaves the visitors to their own devices whilst she deals with various paperwork. It is at this moment that Traveller's sinister plans begins to take form...

    Leaving his team behind Traveller makes his way through the hospital, literally walking through the walls with ease, and pays visits to several of the hospital's current inhabitants; First Chameleon who simply sits near comatose with the only thing in his mind according to Traveller - Spider-Man. Next Traveller makes his way into the room of Shriek, whom instantly pounces towards the ghostly intruder to her cell. With ease Traveller grabs the woman, again hearing the name of Spider-Man before dropping her to the floor and moving on, leaving Shriek cuddled up in the floor in the fetal position. Next comes the most fearsome of the inhabitants Traveller has faced, Carnage. Traveller expresses his eagerness to have the current conversation for some time, all the while simply glaring at the symbiote with virtually no fear whatsoever. Carnage feigns that he is not unnerved by any of this, until Traveller touches the creature and instantly separates the symbiote from it's host, Cletus Kassidy, leaving the man in an not too unexpected state of shock as Traveller comments on how the merging of Cassidy's insanity, mixed with the power of the symbiote, was so evil and pure it could be tasted. With this his visits to the inmates comes to an end, and Traveller's plan takes yet another step forward. 

    Using his telepathic abilities to contact his teammates Traveller starts the the next phase of his plan. Chakra begins using her astral form to find Spider-Man and draw him to the institute, whilst Boone, Medea and Mr. Nacht take out the various defenses, both human and electronic, leaving the hospital at his mercy. Traveller makes his way back into Dr. Kafka's office, now showing his abilities to the unsuspecting Doctor and her staff member Edward Whelan, and inform them that he now controls the hospital before teleporting Dr. Kafka outside behind an impenetrable barrier that Traveller uses to keep unwanted attention away. As Spider-Man appears and is filled in on the events by Dr. Kafka Traveller appears from the main doorway of the building. Seeing that Traveller could easily deflect bullet fire from the NYPD, and not wanting any harm to come to them, Spider-Man agrees to Traveller's challenge and enters Ravencroft, unaware of what was to come. 


    Judas Traveller was created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler in 1994 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 117. 

    Story Arcs

    Apparently having teleported himself back into the safety of the hospital after bringing Spider-Man in for his challenge Traveller, now rejoins his team, taking the opportunity to study Edward. Sensing a being of greatness locked away because of fear Traveller uses his abilities to transform Edward into his superpowered alternate form - Vermin. The human side of Vermin gone, he instantly pounces at Traveller who simply raises his arm and paralyzes the creature with ease. When asked by Mr. Nacht if he could study the creature Traveller denies the request, claiming that although Edward had more than his fair share of suffering in life he did not deserve more torture for their studies, and so teleports him outside with the others, once again in his human form.

    After Spider-Man has made his way through Ravencroft, his fragile psyche tormenting him throughout due to Aunt May's illness amongst many other things, Traveller finally confronts Spidey and grabs him by the neck and probes his mind as he struggles to break free from the mysterious man's grasp. Finding something within Spider-Man's mind hilarious Traveller bursts into a fit of laughter, giving Spidey a chance to break free by kicking him in the face. After a barrage of follow up punches fails to do any harm to Traveller whatsoever Spider-Man stops cold as Traveller claims him to be an utterly broken man. This news causes Spider-Man to literally break down at Traveller's feet as another mysterious being appears next to Traveller; Scrier. When asked if the inmates are going to be killed now that the experiment is over Traveller refuses, saying the experiment in fact isn't over at all, as he has discovered while in Spider-Man's mind there was another one - Ben Reilly. With this news Traveller sends Chakra to fetch Reilly so the experiment can continue.

    While Traveller and his team wait for Scarlet Spider to arrive their attention turns back to Spider-Man whom Traveller deems a disappointment. Seemingly feeling like there is something within Spidey's mind that he has missed Traveller once again enters and causes Spider-Man to see images of his love ones and greatest enemies all the while repeating 'Power... Responsibility...' to the curiously onlooking Traveller. After battling his enemies within his own mind Spider-Man awakens to see Traveller still watching before asking if he is ready to move on, clearly Traveller's inquisitive nature not yet fulfilled. Telling Spider-Man that he is a truly intriguing experiment Traveller coldly glares as he still has not found the insight to Spider-Man's nature that he was looking for and so he needs to push his mind further, possibly to verge of insanity. Hearing this causes Spider-Man to burst out of his restraints and jump through the cell window and straight into the hands of Traveller who is clearly unimpressed. It's at this very moment Scarlet Spider appears and breaks Spider-Man free of Traveller's grasp and as he claims that both of them will be leaving Traveller simply laughs and tells them that won't be happening just yet.

    As the trio glare at each other Traveller's eyes begin to glow as the room around the two Spiders shifts and alters as they slowly drift out of consciousness leaving Traveller once again to his own devices. He makes his way back to the cells and finds himself studying Carnage again, claiming that the mind of a serial killer is an interesting study normally, let alone when that killer is made up of two separate beings joined into one such as in this case. At this point both Medea and Boone appear and inform Traveller that they have moved the 'test subjects' into the basement of the hospital as he requested. After telling Mr. Nacht to take note of even the most subtle detail of the upcoming events Scrier appears from the shadows and warns Traveller that the barrier he has erected is taxing beyond even the man's limits. Traveller agrees and informs Scrier that they will stick to the schedule as planned before whispering instructions to Chakra, much to Medea's annoyance. When Medea asks if the inmates will be killed as planned Traveller informs her that he is not as cold a person as she is, and instead of slaughtering the inmates he will 'liberate' them.

    After watching both Spider-Man and Scarlet Spidey fight wave after wave of the hospital's inmates Mr. Nacht returns to Traveller and informs him that the pair have formed an alliance. Traveller seems surprised by this, not expecting such an alliance to form. When Medea asks if she can take them out now, being the Host's warrior, Traveller simply tells her to be silent, to which she does without question, clearly afraid of the man and his abilities. Chakra then returns from her secret assignment with a letter, and expresses her curiosity as to why Traveller had her get the letter postmarked a week earlier. Traveller claims it to be a way to misdirect the authorities to aid in the groups escape, before Scrier once again speaks up about the lack of remaining time. Traveller tells Scrier to attend the barrier while the rest of the group finish the remaining experiments. At this point all of the onlookers outside suddenly find themselves collapsing to the ground unconscious.

    When Chakra later informs Traveller that they are ready to depart he tells her that they cannot go quite yet, as the experiment has reached a critical juncture - Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have just finished battling the inmates and have just met their biggest challenge of the night, Carnage. Traveller says that the TRUE Spider-Man was stand on the precipice and then wonders if he will fall into the abyss or rise to the challenge put to him. The two Spider-Men battle valiantly and manage to knock out Carnage, leaving only one opponent in their sight - Traveller. Reaching a window overlooking the courtyard of the hospital the pair see Traveller and the Host leaving and burst through after them, with Scarlet Spider dealing with the Host as Spider-Man takes on Traveller. As Scarlet Spider jumps into the limo that the Host ran into it suddenly explodes, leaving Spider-Man in shock, especially when he finds himself so hurt over the loss of his clone. Noticing that Traveller had made his way back to Dr. Kafka's office Spider-Man quickly follows, telling Traveller he finally has him cornered. Unimpressed, Traveller tells Spider-Man he has been an interesting study and from the events has a greater insight as to why so many criminals obsess over the hero. Expressing disappointment that he has so much more to learn, but not time in which to do it, Traveller's eyes begin to glow and he bids Spider-Man farewell, promising they will meet again...  

    Meeting in the rain

    Having kept watch over Mary Jane after Peter's arrest, Ben Reilly follows after her when she finds herself running through the rain as the weight of the world burdens her shoulders. As she comes to a stop at a street corner Ben is horrified to see Judas Traveller approaching her. Ben demands Traveller get away from her as he tells her how he wants to learn about Spider-Man through the woman who loves him and is carrying his child. Traveller seems unconcerned over Ben's appearance, claiming he in fact wanted to run into him again, although right at that point his meddling was inconvenient. Ben swings towards the pair, Traveller happily ignoring his earlier demand, and clicks his finger, causing the street in front of Ben to explode as the man informs Mary Jane not to be scared of him, he only wants her to open her mind freely to him so he can learn more about Peter. As Ben continues to follow, Traveller comments on his persistence, before commanding a building to fall on him, which it instantly does, luckily missing him by mere inches. Despite throwing more disasters at Ben he manages to make it over to Traveller and grabs him, to which Traveller promptly asks if he still insists on challenging him after everything Ben has seen he can do. Without needing an answer (but getting one anyway) Traveller informs Ben that very soon he and Peter will sit down with him and get to know one another, before disappearing into the fog...     

    A kindly offer?  

    While sitting in his prison cell Peter receives a visit from Chakra's astral form, telling him that she has a message from Traveller - His wife is being pursued by a man named Kaine. Although questioned Chakra says nothing more and disappears, leaving Peter with a dilemma; Stay in prison, or break out to save his wife from danger. Instinctively doing the latter Peter manages to successfully evade the prison guards and makes his way too a rock sticking out of the water where he is greeted by Traveller. Traveller informs Peter that there is a thin line between a brave man and a fool, and that Peter had just crossed it. Stating that Peter would not stand a chance swimming through the water, and that Chakra's earlier statement was truthful, he offers Peter a better way - He will cast the illusion that Peter is still in his cell while he goes to save Mary Jane providing Peter does not question his motives any longer. Chakra's astral form then appears to the two men, and tells Peter that with a word she can teleport him away from the prison so he can save his wife. Peter promptly accepts this deal and is teleported away, leaving Traveller who is now joined by Scrier, who states that Traveller is extremely fascinated by Peter and his clone, perhaps a reflection on Traveller's own soul, before saying he knows Traveller better than any other. Traveller tell him that while he is his confidant and friend, and have travelled together for centuries that in no way means he knows him at all. The pair continue to watch, right up to when Ben returns and takes Peter's place in prison, all the while planning the next test of the Spider-Men's responsibility.  


    Traveller appears from a cloud of smoke in front of the 'Top of New York' sign, soon followed by Scrier. Scrier tells Traveller that he claims to admire Spider-Man, but what he was now planning was truly terrible and could do the one thing that nothing else before had done to him - break Peter beyond a hope of saving. Traveller simply informs Scrier that he did not remember asking for his opinion, to which Scrier retorts not with his head, but through his heart he did as it has always done. Scrier tells Traveller that he has been his confidant for hundreds of years and has been the only person Traveller could turn too if the burden of his quest ever became too much. Traveller says Scrier has served him well, but that is all he is, a servant, and that is all he will ever be. Scrier tells Traveller he has been content to play that part but that he must ask what he has always asked, why is he doing these things, destroying the things he finds so beautiful. Traveller tells him he has not just done this to others, but also to himself and that he has suffered much more than Spider-Man ever has. He tells Scrier that all he has done has been for the greater good before jumping off of the building, turning into a bird and flying away stating that all lives are meaningless.

    After Peter, currently in Ben's Scarlet Spider garb, finds out from Mary Jane that she is pregnant with his child Traveller appears in a cloud of smoke and take Peter away from his apartment and too a smoke filled place. Traveller tell Peter that he has not brought him here to battle and that since their first meeting at Ravencroft he has wondered if Peter balances the darkness of the criminals whose mind he entered, or if he was in fact a catalyst for their evil actions. The whole purpose of the events being played out at that moment are there to find answers for the questions Traveller has about Spider-Man, everything about him down to his cellular make up. Not wanting to hear any more of Traveller's crazed ramblings Peter begins to punch the man, knocking him back until Traveller finally tires of it and commands him to fall down paralyzed. Spider-Man claims people aren't lab rats for Traveller's experiments and asks if he has a conscience or feelings. Traveller responds that he know more pain than Spider-Man could ever imagine and gives Peter a mere glimpse of it causing him intense pain. Traveller then proceeds to attack Spider-Man with a sword he summons out of thin air while asking how much suffering Peter can endure, after all he has sacrificed so much for the greater good by putting himself in situations where he can die to save people he doesn't even know. He wants to know exactly how far Peter's heroism truly stretches.

    Despite feeling the blows from the sword it is only now that Peter noticed that he isn't bleeding and doesn't have any wounds from the assault Traveller has put him through. Traveller then turns the sword into an orb and asks if he is willing to sacrifice someone he loves, after all sacrificing himself is too easy. Peter is left stunned as he sees Aunt May within the orb, claiming that it's impossible, to which Traveller instantly retorts that it is and that it is a small task for him to catch a soul, and even return it to life if he wished. Traveller continues to ask what Peter would give to see the loved ones he's lost come back healthy and young, but then asks what he would say if he was told it would take one hundred lives to do so, then asks what about just one, would he accept a deal where someone he didn't know would die to have someone he loved given back to him. Traveller tells Peter the decision is his and that with one word it could be done as Peter stands looking into the orb taking in all that he had been told. His sense of responsibility bursting forth within him he crushes the orb and he Tells Traveller that he may be powerful but he is in no way a God, and couldn't do what he had just offered. Peter begins to punch Traveller once again, realising none of the current situation is real, it's just an illusion in Peter's own mind and that if that's the case then he is in charge. Traveller disappears and the smoke builds up again and his voice echoes throughout the area telling Peter he is right, he is not a God and he cannot resurrect the dead, but he is close and that now it is time to leave Peter's mind and come back to reality, albeit a reality slightly different from the one they left; the future. Peter looks on in horror before turning back to Traveller and demanding to know what he has done, to which Traveller replies he hasn't done a thing...

    Traveller grins smugly as he informs Peter that this is all HIS doing, Traveller is only letting him see the consequences of his actions as the pair stand on top of a building overlooking the scene of New York city in ruins. Traveller tells Spider-Man that this isn't a dream but something that will happen, caused willingly by Peter. Unable to accept this Peter swings off determined to find Mary Jane and manages to find his building, and Mary Jane, safe and well as Traveller appears next to Spider-Man once again and tell him they (Mary Jane and their child) are both alive, but they are the cost at which everyone else died. Peter joins Traveller on the ground as the man continues to tell Peter that it could have all been prevented, and still can, but it all depends on how much he is willing to sacrifice in the process. After teleporting the pair once again Spider-Man asks where they now are, to which Traveller then responds it is more appropriate to ask WHEN they are before elaborating this is the present, and the destruction the pair had just seen can still be averted and the choices ahead are Peter's alone to make.

    Fed up of the mind games being played by Traveller Peter swings off, only to have Traveller teleport after him, telling him the events have already been set in motion and that if Peter does nothing his wife and child will die along with the entire city and perhaps that is for the best. Traveller continues by telling Peter he could probably save Mary Jane and that in doing so everyone threatening his happiness such as Ben Reilly, Kaine and Jackal would cease to exist, and says perhaps that is what he wants deep down inside of himself if he was honest and that all he would need to do for it to become real is do nothing. Still in shock at all that he is being told Peter listens as Traveller informs him that his Host are already sabotaging a geothermal heating station in the east river, and the resulting explosion is what will cause the disaster he had shown him. Peter asks how he can do any of this, to which Traveller casually responds that he isn't doing anything, his Host are. 

    When Peter tells him to stop the events unfolding Traveller says he cannot, that although they are his minions they are serving a greater purpose; to discover the true nature of evil in order to discover the true nature of good. When asked what purpose millions of death will give, Traveller simply replies that is yet to be seen before saying he will stay and protect Spider-Man's loved ones so that, even if Peter fails, they will live so if he just wants them to be well he doesn't have to do anything. Peter says he needs to see Mary Jane before he goes, to which Traveller states he must hurry. As Spider-Man leaves Scrier appears next to Traveller and tells him he is straining the limits of his powers with the current experiment, stating that he has freely admitted he is not omnipotent. Traveller responds by blasting Scrier with a beam of his energy, telling him to not assume himself Traveller's equal. Scrier simply lays on the ground and states that he never would.

    Despite trying to stop the disaster Traveller showed him earlier Spider-Man finds his efforts have been futile, as something within Traveller's plan has gone wrong and now there is a transpacial time vortex threatening to do much more damage than what had been planned. Traveller glares at the sky unable to understand what is happening until Scrier informs Traveller that this is punishment for playing with forces beyond his control, and tells him that he alone is the cause for the destruction about to unfold. As Spider-Man swings down to the same building as Traveller and Scrier while Traveller rages that he does not know what is happening, an apparently rare occurrence. As the energy tries to pull Traveller into its vortex Spider-Man begs Scrier to help him, only to be told he cannot be helped and that he will not try as all of it was caused by Traveller's own error and since he was the one to cause the tear in reality its drawing him back is his punishment. 

    Traveller begins to float up into the air and towards the vortex as Scrier continues to inform Spider-Man that whilst Traveller is about to die his earlier promise of protection to the building is in tact and Mary Jane will be safe, but the rest of the city and Traveller himself will be gone. Traveller cries out in agony as the vortex rips through his very being, causing him to relive the darkest of his memories anew but Spider-Man refuses to allow him to die when there is a chance he can be saved and so grabs Traveller's arm and tries to pull him back as Traveller deems him a fool to try and stop his own enemy from perishing and risking his own death trying to help someone who caused him such agony to begin with. Somehow Spider-Man's determination and strength are able to pull Traveller free from the vortex's grip as it begins to close up above them.

    For the first time showing how vulnerable he can be Traveller sits rubbing his head and looking towards Spider-Man in disbelief, asking him why he would save him when he could be free of his constant studying, Scrier too voicing his surprise at the events that have just unfolded. Spider-Man tells them it was more than just Traveller's life at risk, however he would have done it all the same if it was just Traveller's life alone that was in danger. Scrier reminds Spider-Man again that Traveller is an enemy, telling him Traveller will never truly be satisfied until he understands why Peter cares so much for someone who has plagued his life so badly. Spider-Man tells Scrier to inform Traveller that he isn't all that hard to understand and the risk of his return doesn't matter, he is used to it. Traveller and Scrier then disappear as Mary Jane runs onto the roof to meet Peter who can only wonder if and when Traveller will next show up. 

    Spider-Man on Trial   

    Whilst forcefully taking Kaine to the courtroom where Peter Parker (Secretly Ben Reilly taking his place) is being charged with murders that have all been committed in the past by the villain the pair are confronted by Stunner, who is gunning for Kaine's blood after his murder of her lover Dr. Octopus. Before a battle can start out Judas Traveller also appears much to Peter's annoyance, only to be told by Traveller that he is in need of Kaine and immediately teleports the trio out of the alleyway against Peter's will and taking them to a mock courtroom in Ravencroft.  
    With Spider-Man now placed in chains Traveller informs him that he has been placed under arrest to face charges. Spider-Man is understandably confused by this and is informed that he is on trial for his life and that if the jury (composed of Ravencroft inmates including Shriek and Chameleon) finds him guilty he will be sentenced to death.  Traveller explains that during his earlier visit to the institute he found an irrational hatred of Spider-Man and so he has returned to answer the question that has been plaguing him since - is Spider-Man just by existing giving birth to super-villains and if that is the case would his death remove their need to exist and restore their lost sanity or is Spider-Man truly a hero who stops the world becoming overrun byn the criminals standing before him. To make matters worse Traveller then appoints Carnage as the prosecutor while Kaine will act as his Defense. Traveller then repeats his earlier question, does Spider-Man plead himself Guilty, and therefore a villain, or not guilty and a hero. 
    Deeming the whole proceedings madness Kaine lunges at Traveller and explains he has already heard of the 'arrogant tin God' called Judas Traveller who needs to be taken down a peg. Kaine asks Traveller what makes him think he has any right to cast judgment on Spider-Man, seeming almost passionate as he tyrates Traveller's actions. Seeing that his deadly touch is ineffective against Traveller stuns Kaine long enough to be grabbed by the man as Traveller explains that he is in no way Scrier's man as Kaine had earlier stated and he was the one truly in charge before stating that he does exactly as he pleases. As Kaine realizes he needs to control his anger and defend Spider-Man he settles down as Traveller tells Carnage to call his first witness, to which the madman responds he calls himself to the stand. 
    After Carnage tirades Spider-Man and gladly claims he is the reason he was created, then asks himself if he would be a normal sane man if Spider-Man didn't exist to which he responds that is correct. Kaine gives into his anger during his cross examination and pounces Carnage and the two begin fighting until Traveller intervenes and tells them if it happens again there will be consequence's before informing Carnage to call his next witness - Malcom Macbride, AKA Carrion. As Carnage forces Macbride to admit he was jealous of Peter Parker Carnage proceeds to unmask Spider-Man in front of the jury, revealing that Traveller had informed everyone of this fact much to Peter's horror. No longer able to stand the madness of the trial Peter bursts out of his constraints and tells Traveller he won't put up with these games any longer. Traveller seems impressed that Peter has enough fury to fight off the paralysis he placed upon him and tells Peter must be a man of great passion, to which Peter asks if that means Traveller is going to keep trying to dissect him until Traveller finally understands why, and then says he doesn't care and won't resist as long as he can take Kaine to the real trial taking place to save Ben's life. 
    Traveller commends Peter for his request but then tells him his requests are of no interest to him and the trial will continue, then asking the jury to reach a verdict. The jury responding with a unanimous guilty (bar Malcom and Edward Whelan, who are then turned into their villainous counterparts so they also agree) and so Traveller sentances Peter to death, letting the jury and Carnage at the re-shackled Peter. Kaine jumps to Peter's defence and states he won't let the execution happen, fighting the entire room single handedly until the room goes black and the room empties of the crazed inhabitants of the institute leaving Kaien lying unconscious on the ground and Peter standing over him free of his constraints with Traveller standing behind the pair. Traveller informs Peter that everyone is back in their cells and that Kaine is still alive thanks to his quick intervention. Peter then asks why he wasn't allowed to help Kaine and Traveller responds that if he wasn't stopped how would he know if the same sense of selflessness that caused Peter to save Traveller from the vortex in their earlier encounter wasn't just a one off occurance. After telling Peter that Kaine's willingness to sacrifice himself for Peter was a far greater testament to the good of Spider-Man than anything else that could be shown Traveller informs Peter that he finds him 'not guilty' and his investigation is over for now as he teleports Spider-Man and Kaine outside of the courtroom where Ben is currently under trial. 
    As Cletus Kassidy sits in his cell singing about how he knows a secret and how he will be going after Peter and his family upon his escape Traveller appears behind him and looks down at the villain in disgust and tells Kassidy that the knowledge HE gave him is far to precious a thing for someone such as Carnage to know and that since he gave the information to begin with he can also take it away. With a simple touch Kassidy falls to the floor in agony as he forgets everything while Traveller proceeds to remove the memory from everyone involved in the night's events, leaving Kassidy screaming from the pain long into the night...


     It was originally thought that Judas Traveller was very powerful and had a multitude of abilities. Later it was revealed that his powers was fairly limited, but he has the ability to alter peoples perception of reality.

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