Judah Maccabee

    Character » Judah Maccabee appears in 74 issues.

    Judah Maccabee is a champion of the Nexus universe, a hunter of evil-doers and close friend to Nexus himself. His fighting, wrestling and cooking skills are all legendary.

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    Fred Maccabee was born on the planet Thune and later changed his name to Judah, after 'falling in with some rabbis.'  He initially encounters Nexus on Earth, as Nexus briefly interrupts his termination of a slaver.  Presumed dead by his father Dave Maccabee, they are soon reunited on Ylum as Nexus brings Judah with him on his return - Judah will split his home life between Ylum and the Web from then onwards.
    As Judah had grown an impressive reputation as a wrestler and adventurer, he is hired by The Heads to exact revenge upon those that have enslaved them (separating their heads from their bodies in the process).  In the process, the empower Judah with limited fusion-casting abilities, which he channels through his sword.  His fusion power pales in comparison with Nexus' power, but he makes up for it with prowess in unarmed combat and cunning strategy.
    He and Nexus embark on a "drinking man's tour of the galaxy", wherein they accidentally cross an event horizon and find themselves in a bowl-shaped world, meeting up with The Badger.  This is the first of many missions and adventures that Judah undertakes with Nexus, and later also with Kreed.  He continually proves himself to be a Thune of honor and integrity, often following rules and codes of conduct even when his adversaries will not.
    While a mainstay in the primary Nexus storylines, Judah also appeared often in short stories that were addenda to the Nexus comics.


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