my Jubilee Mugen character! released!

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here is a preview video made by KingAnon, that shows some of Jubilee's moves vs Robin:

you can download her here:

she is my first character... the second version that may still be a WIP if I find time to improve it.

It is the first full Jubilee character for Mugen, which is a freeware pc fighting game that lets you download characters from tons of games to fight as.

she has a hyper move, about five special firework moves, standing/crouching/jumping attacks, pain/blocking/dizzy/thrown/dead sprites, an intro, three taunts, a win animation, and more. Also, her voice is Jubilee's voice from X-Men Legends.



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Just tried her out. You did a nice job with her. Though........... i would like to see her in a MvC style, but she turned out nice nice none the less! Can't wait for the update. Well if there is a update anyway. :P

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Wow great job. I think a marvel vs. DC fighting game would be amazing.

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yeah! Jubilee!
you should update her into mvc style when you can :p

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All characters should be mvc as far as im concerned

im just waiting for more developers to work more on comic characters

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Sovereign Vance said:
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You should try out the unlimited team website!
they do alods of comic characters from scratch and at a very hgih standard.

They made the deadpool char y know.

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Holy Crap... I havent played Mugen in so fu#kin long...  nearly forgot about the game... well Party On Gamers  !
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Get back into it ks

we need more comic characters anyway on that shizzzzzzz

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