Jenna Marbles tells Jubilee how it is

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In Jenna Marbles new video, she explains the role Jubilee played in the famous 90's cartoon. This is how I felt whenever I watched the X-Men... to skip to the bit where she talks about X-Men go to 4:53

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She's obviously kidding, and you obviously don't know anything about Jubilee. Why is it so obvious?

When the X-Men get captured on Genosha, Jubilee makes an escape plan and convinces the other mutants to follow it. The plan only fails because Gambit betrays them.

Later, when Gambit is ambushed by genoshan guards, it's Jubilee that saves his life.

When Colossus comes to ask X-Men for help, Jubilee helps him save his family and friends from the invaders, and the only reason why the X-Men don't arrive to help sooner is because Wolverine misplaced Jubilee's note.

When Iceman tries to find and rescue his former girlfriend, Jubilee is the only one who treats him like a human being, not like a "threat or menace". She also is the one that gives Professor X the idea how to defeat Forge's X-Factor.

When Wolverine gets lured into Morlocks' tunnels, Jubilee saves Gambit's life again - almost by sacrificing her own.

In the Savage Land Jubilee is the one that defeats Sauron after he beats other X-Men.

The one time that Jubilee did get in trouble was when Morph sent her into FoH HQ. And he made the same thing with Rogue and Storm and Beast as well.

That's why I say you don't know anything about Jubilee.

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@CaptainSalamander: I was also obviously joking. Jubilee was my favourite character in the cartoon which is why Jubilee is one of my favourite characters now.

And I clearly know A LOT about Jubilee as I'm the main wiki editor on her page. I may not be able to pick several moments of Jubilee's actions from the cartoon off the top of my head but I pretty much know EVERYTHING about the character.

So please sit down.

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