How old exactly, is jubilee?

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I realize theres the conclusion she is around 17, but is this a fact written in the books? I just picked up x-men 24, and first off, I'm not sure if I should be disgusted with myself or not about that hot Jubes vamp cover :P

second, she kissed Raizo, who is older just by appearance (at least 25) ad is actually over 500 ( 0_0 ). Also there is a heavy amount of seduction and sexuality in this ish, and that thing with x-23 in her title where she almost kissed her or bit her or something.

I mean, if she is 17 than wouldn't it be statutory erruhh.. "R" word if Raizo hit that? After all even her mind is still only 17 than right, meaning she is just an immortal 17 year old?

So confused

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