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Honor Among Thieves

This trade is comprised of two short story arcs of the JSA Classified series, the first of which is written by Jen Van Meter. The central focus is on the reformation of the Injustice Society and they're attempt to break into JSA headquarters and steal the Cosmic Key. While the premise sounds promising, unfortunately the story fails to draw you in enough to procure any excitement or enjoyment out of you. It's not bad but it's not one of those stories that after you finish you say, "wow…that was pretty cool." The "romance" between Icicle and Tigress was, in my opinion, poorly handled. It came off rather corny and just felt out of place. The lackluster ending didn't exactly help matters either.

The second story arc in the book is a short two issue story that centers around Jay Garrick and Wildcat. It's written by Peter J. Tomasi so I figured going in to this, that this would for sure be a good read. Yet again I was left somewhat disappointed. It's not that it's bad, it's just not great. The story involves the Spear Of Destiny which is being used to pit Jay Garrick and Wildcat against one another. The two obviously figure out a way to overcome their predicament. 

One of the turn offs to this book is that it doesn't quite feel like a JSA comic due to the absence of many of the members. Some the characters appearances are very limited such as Stargirl, Doctor Mid-Nite, Sandman and Mr. Terrific. Being a team book one would hope to see all members on said team involved in the story. 

The art is by Patrick Olliffe and Don Kramer. Both artists contribute great work which is easily the best thing about this book. I preferred Kramer over Olliffe personally but had no issue with either artists work.

This book won't leave many lasting impressions on you and you're likely to forget it by next week. Even the biggest of JSA fans will probably not find any enjoyment out of this. It's an average read at best. It just doesn't scream Justice Society Of America. It's many shortcomings make this hard for me to recommend to anyone. 

Rating: 2.5/5

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