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Jimmy And Power Girl

This book opens with the JSA talking about the problems Power Girl has been experiencing recently, when they see agents of Checkmate has commendeering her space ship. We then see Powergirl as she is sitting by the globe on top of the Daily Planet building waiting for Superman. Instead Jimmy Olsen shows up, and the two have a very nice conversation. Jimmy even sneaks a peak at Power Girls "friends". That is until the Legion Of Superheroes show up and want to take her back to the 30th century where she belongs.
 Well, so far JSA Classified is two for two. Just like the first issue we explore one version of Power Girls origins. This time it is the Andromada personalitty from "Legionnaires. While I enjoy the action with the Legionnaires, I was more of a fan of the scenes with Jimmy Olsen. It was a quieter moment, but it was filled with humor and just a touch of humanity not always shown in comics.
 Overall though this is a fun storyline, I can highly recommend.

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