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Two Days Ago:

The Spectre continues on his mad quest to destroy all magic on Earth. He appears in the middle of the Tower of Fate in Salem and confronts Hector Hall. Hector dons the Helmet of Nabu, but he is not fast enough. The Spectre violently attacks Hector and his wife Lyta.


Black Adam takes Atom-Smasher with him back to Kahndaq. The Spetre has already arrived and is burning the capitol city of Shiruta to the ground. Black Adam's loyal Feitheran warriors swarm the Spectre, but with a wave of his hand he turns a phalanx of Feitherans into stone. Northwind, having evaded the Spectre's first attack strikes him across the face with his spear. Black Adam flies down and plows through the Spectre's midsection. The attack gives the Spectre pause, but he manages to drain away the power that gives Black Adam his strength. Transforming back into a mortal, he falls until caught by the giant Atom-Smasher.

The JSA finally arrive in Kahndaq aboard the Steel Eagle. They immediately begin attending the endangered Kahndaqi citizens. Black Adam speaks the magic word "Shazam" and regains his strength and vitality. He turns against the JSA despite the fact that they are here to help him. He tells them that the people of Kahndaq do not want their assistance. Adam begins fighting Power Girl and during the fight Power Girl's eyes begin to glow. She is suddenly struck blind for an unknown reason. By reflex, she unleashes a powerful burst of heat vision that sends Black Adam reeling.

Mister Terrific meanwhile instructs J.J. Thunder to release the Thunderbolt. Johnny Thunderbolt bursts out of the pen and J.J. tells him to teleport the Spectre to the Fifth Dimension. The Thunderbolt is no match for the Spectre's raw power though and the Spectre sends the Thunderbolt power along with J.J. Thunder back into the Fifth Dimension.

Meanwhile, Eclipso finally makes her presence known. She creates stone effigies of the late heroes Alexander Montez and Nemesis and has them attack Stargirl. Atom-Smasher look on in horror as one of the stone golems grasps Stargirl by the throat.



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