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The JSA convenes a special meeting to decide the fate of Atom-Smasher. Sand vouches for letting him back onto the team, but several others, including Sentinel and Hourman are reluctant to consider the idea in lieu of Al's actions in Kahndaq. They collectively decide to put the matter to a vote.

Meanwhile in Midway City, the mysterious Crimson Avenger appears and prepares to mete out justice against a man who murdered his wife. Before she can exact justice however, the untethered spirit of vengeance the Spectre appears in the room. He kills the Avenger's target then turns his attention on the Avenger herself. Suddenly, a beam of purple energy shoots through her shoulder. The origin of this beam of light is Jean Loring, who only recently took on the power of Eclipso.

In Kahndaq, Black Adam has a video conference with Lex Luthor. He reminds him that the only reason he associated with his Society was because Luthor agreed to keep his people away from Kahndaq. Adam warns Luthor to make certain that he honors his end of the deal.

In Fawcett City, Billy and Mary Batson climb the steps of their school. Billy suddenly sees the reflection of Shazam in a window. Shazam summons Billy to the Rock of Eternity. He tells Billy about the merging of Jean Loring's body with that of Eclipso. He also points him in the right direction of Eclipso's next target. As Captain Marvel, Billy decides to enlist the aid of his old allies the JSA.

Black Adam meanwhile, flies to the U.S. and comes to Atom-Smasher's room. Al is patiently waiting for his former teammates to come to a decision. Adam tells him that the people of Kahndaq needs his help. Al agrees to accompany him back to Kahndaq.

The JSA members, having finalized their decision on whether to accept Al back on the team go to his room. Al is gone, but floating outside his window is Hawkman and Captain Marvel. They tell the JSA that they must go to Kahndaq.



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