Joy Mercado

    Character » Joy Mercado appears in 117 issues.

    A reporter for the Daily Bugle as well as one-time partner and potential love interest of Peter Parker.

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    As a reporter, in 1967 she covered the war in Indochina with courage and aplomb rivalling that of far seasoned correspondents, and the list of her exploits goes on from there.

    Initially Joy Mercado worked as an ambitious reporter for the Daily Times newspaper. She was famous regarding her series of articles, particularly the ones on Daredevil and Detective Flint. She interviewed too Druid Walsh because she was writing about himself and Moon Knight.

    Afterthat she worked for Daily Bugle and she quickly found an affinity for the Bugle's photographer Peter Parker. The two established a business partnership that took them on several adventures together and shared an obvious attraction to each other.


    Despite her history as a Spider-Man character, Joy Mercado was actually introduced in Moon Knight #33 by Doug Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz and Brent Anderson in 1983. Her first appearance in a Spider-Man story was 2 years later in Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #5 by Peter David and Mark Beachum.

    Character Evolution

    Joy and Peter only grew closer when the partners were both hired by J. Jonah Jameson to also work at Now! Magazine. They shared many journeys, and even a few dates, while working on stories together across the globe and due to Spider-Man's constant arrival in unusual places and Joy's keen investigative skills coupled with her constant alibis for Peter she may have been very aware of Spider-Man's secret identity.


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