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  1. The Mysterious Mister Hyde! - Thor once again appeals to Odin to be allowed to marry Jane Foster, and again Odin refuses, but he grants that if Jane Foster demonstrates the qualities that would make her worthy, he will make her an immortal and the two may marry. Meanwhile, a man with a grudge against Dr. Blake comes calling; a man named Hyde!
  2. The Thread (text story) - Red's Water Front Shack was the same tonight as any other, only for some reason there seemed to be a sort of suspension in the air, as if something were about to happen.
  3. Stroom's Strange Solution! - He was the only one that could save his world, but he was forbidden to act! What could he do? What would you have done?
  4. Tales of Asgard: Surtur the Fire Demon! - There are no secrets from Odin, King of the gods! When he hears the trolls have joined with Surtur to rebel against Asgard, the mighty Odin personally invades the land of the trolls...

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An Obvious Set Up 0

Another new foe for Thor is introduced in this issue, Mr. Hyde. Also, Odin promises Thor that if Jane Foster proves herself worthy, she may be made immortal and the two may marry.  This is a very wordy episode of Thor, without a lot of action - Thor and Mr. Hyde don't actually encounter each other (although Dr. Blake and Hyde do), and the story is left on a cliffhanger. The art by Don Heck also looks rushed, as if preliminary sketches went to inking without any polishing. The Tales of Asgard sto...

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The Door Is There Thor A Reason 0

As Thor seeks Odin’s consent for him to marry Jane Foster a figure spurned by Don Blake returns to seek vengeance as the heinous Mister Hyde. Can Don Blake win Jane’s heart, Odin’s approval and stop the nefarious and super strong Hyde or is it all too much for one man with two alter-egos? There’s some stuff to like here and some stuff to loathe. First the good. Hyde is a strong villain, he’s smart strong and utterly irredeemable. He is focused in his goal of revenge...

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The Mysterious Mister Hyde! 0

Boy, for a Norse God, Thor sure does like the nurses. He even goes so far as to raise his hammer to his father. He apologises, of course, but still gets a blast of lightning to the crotch. There goes the family. On the other side of existence however, his beloved Jane Foster (who is portrayed here as much more attractive by Don Heck) is harassed by a deranged criminal called Dr. Hyde who seeks revenge for Blake rejecting his job application, or something. Okay, so, it's hokey. But it's Journey i...

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