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  1. Challenged by the Human Cobra! - Thor faces a deadly new foe who possesses the instincts and powers of a cobra!
  2. Snowstorm (text story) - When Dawson started out from Wetawket Lodge for his afternoon hiking, there hadn't been a sign in the air of what was to come!
  3. The Purple Planet! - the Purple Planet was ripe for exploitation, and Dunstan Dirk was just the man to do it!
  4. Tales of Asgard: Odin Battles Ymir, King of the Ice Giants - Odin and Ymir battle for control of Asgard!


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First Appearances of Cobra; Ymir 0

Thor, is enraged over his inability to keep Jane Foster (see last ish), but doesn't have time to dwell on it, because a new villain - Cobra - appears on the scene.   Cobra is a guy who was - you guessed it - bitten by a radioactive cobra and now has the cobra powers like slithering up walls and across ceilings... because... you know, cobras can do that stuff! Anyway, while Cobra may be kind of a silly villain, it's at least good to see Thor fight someone other than Loki or one of his proxies.  T...

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All Is Thorgiven? 0

Thor faces a two front battle this week, one against the vile Inhuman Cobra and another on the battlefield of the heart as he tries to get over the loss of Jane Foster to another doctor. As fate would have it the two battles rapidly intertwine with potential deadly consequences. Can Thor defeat his reptilian foe and can Don Blake win back the woman he loves?As you may have inferred from my intro the plot picks right up from the last issue which is always refreshing in the comics of the time. Too...

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Challenged By The Human Cobra! 0

Despite Sinnott making quite the impression two issues prior, then Kirby doing the same just last month, this time around the Journey into Mystery series is once again passed around to another artist, this time in the form of Don Heck. Under his guise as well as Lee's usual pen, Don Blake finds himself all angst and fury at the opening of this issue as it draws on the cliffhanger ending of the previous issue involving his beloved Jane Foster. For Blake and Thor, it's a nice change of pace and ad...

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