Journey into Mystery #97

    Journey into Mystery » Journey into Mystery #97 - The Lava Man released by Marvel on October 1963.

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    1. The Mighty Thor Battles... The Lava Man - Dr. Blake struggles with his feelings for Jane Foster as mankind is threatened by a creature known as 'The Lava Man'.
    2. The Perfect Defense! - The planet Delphinius has the greatest defense in the universe... what could it be?
    3. Tales of Asgard: Home of the Mighty Norse Gods - Who are the Norse gods, and how did they come to be?

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    Super Special Issue 0

    The cover of this issue of JIM claims to be a 'Super Special Issue', and while that may be typical Marvel hyperbole, it is a bit special.  The Thor story is actually inferior, both in terms of art, and story, which is surprising, because it is a collaboration between four of Marvel's best: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Don Heck, and Artie Simek. Only the letterer, Simek, turns in top work. BUT, the story is still special - even though the battle itself is contrived, and Loki again seems to play his usu...

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    Opportunity Cost 0

    Of all the comic series that Marvel were putting out in 1963, Journey Into Mystery is probably my least favourite. There have been a number of seriously poor comics, one that was borderline offensive to pretty much anyone with modern sensibilities. It's been a frustration because it has a number of components that should be in it's favour. It's got four moderately fleshed out characters and a base premise that offers marvellous scope for stories both grounded and mystical. So it's been a frustra...

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    The Lava Man 0

    So after last month with Sinnott's rather striking breakout as the artist in Journey into Mystery, this month we see Marvel playing it more on the safe side and offering something SUPER SPECIAL as Lee and Kirby join forces to try and rescue the flailing series from its agony. The result is unexpectedly strong; especially for one featuring an antagonist that goes by the moniker Lava Man. Yet, despite the appearance of yet another Villain of the Month, much of this issue rather strikingly revolves...

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