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Back stories include:

Call Her...Medusa!

Fredrick Fenton's Future!


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Loki By Any Other Name 0

In this issue of Journey Into Mystery, we learn that Dr. Blake is losing patients while he's off saving people as Thor. Meanwhile, the crypt of Merlin is opened, and the old wizard, who was merely in a "magical" sleep, wakes and starts terrorizing America. Thor learns about this from Loki, who "for once... told the truth!"   So, while it's great to see Thor getting another tough villain to take on, there's some problems here. First, Merlin seems to know entirely too much about the 20th Century -...

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Yer A Wizard Thor! 0

After a three month streak of terrible comics Thor finds his adventures at last elevated to the merely middling. The mythical Merlin’s tomb has been found in England and his casket has been sent over to America in order for it to be opened and the remains inside examined. When the forensic scientists find a perfectly preserved body they scurry off to discuss this discovery offering the still living Merlin the chance to escape.This setup is extremely reminiscent of the plot of last month's ...

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Mad Merlin! 0

Well, by now Journey into Mystery has settled into a kind of lull. The past three issues have stunk more than any we've seen to date from the series, and the same formula is more or less repeated month after month. It's with trepidation then that I acknowledge this latest rendition as something of a success. It's just as OTT and bombastic as other issues, and settles into the Journey formula neatly, but does so well enough to come off as a moderately fun read. Pitting Thor against Merlin (who in...

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