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  1. The Demon Duplicators! - Dr. Blake's friend, Dr. Zaxton creates an evil Thor duplicate!
  2. Time Machine - obsessed with time, a man builds a time machine.
  3. The Tomb of Tut-Amm-Tut! - some people wait a long time to get revenge
  4. Save Me From the Lizard Men! - In the spring of 1996, a space traveler makes an emergency stop on a the wrong planet!


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Annoying 0

Mostly I find this Journey Into Mystery run of Thor stories to be annoying. Take this one - Dr. Zaxton, a colleague of Dr. Blake's (can't imagine he'll end up being a villain with a name like Zaxton) creates a duplicator ray. He duplicates Thor. The evil twin threatens Thor, but ultimately that evil Thor turns out to be a paper Tiger, because he doesn't have the power of Thor (this after we've been seeing him use the powers of Thor for several pages). Then there's the matter of all the duplicat...

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More Narrative Crutches Than An Orthopaedic's Office 0

So Journey Into Mystery is on a two comic one star streak. Will this one improve upon it’s terrible predecessors or will it follow them into the one star wasteland? Read on to find out as Thor battles his most dangerous foe of all, himself.There’s a lot wrong with this issue. Firstly the first page spoils who the creator of the duplicate Thor is, taking any sense of narrative twist out of the story. Then there are numerous examples of the overpowered inventions of the week, which wou...

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The Demon Duplicators! 0

As if the cover depicting Thor against his latest threat, "a far more powerfulyourself" isn't enough amongst the splash page showing that this duplicate Thor is not to be taken lightly because he has two hammers, the following twelve pages do nothing to lift the now flailing wildly without direction series Journey into Mystery into some form of pedigree akin to either the Spider-Man or Fantastic 4 stories. Whether it's Thor's powers being used to water crops, or Dr. Blake somehow making an invin...

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