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  1. Thor and Loki Attack the Human Race! - From his place of imprisonment on Asgard, Loki disrupts the a nuclear test to engineer his escape - and this time he has the help of his brother, Thor!
  2. Bird Talk - All the kids on the block were getting parakeets.
  3. Dinner Time on Deimos! - He thought the grass was greener on the other guys' planet! But then he learned... the grim truth!
  4. The Gentle Old Man! - He was the sort of tenant that a landlord like 'Greedy' Grundy dreamed about! He paid his rent on time - he never complained - he never made any trouble! Except -- just once!

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The Art Continues to Improve... The Story Does Not 0

The art in this issue is great - rarely has Thor looked so godlike before now, nor Loki so sinister.  But that's where the good stuff ends. Here's the story in a nutshell:  The USA decides it would be a good idea to launch a nuclear warhead into space and detonate it. It goes astray and can't be destroyed. It could land anywhere, so all the nations of the world simultaneously send out radio appeals to "the Mighty" Thor. Yes, everyone always refers to him as "The Mighty" Thor in this issue, even ...

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Thor And Loki Attack The Human Race! 0

God-damnit. Another Loki issue, and it's even worse than the last. You know, there was a time when I looked forward to seeing the God of Mischief, but not anymore. Again he uses his mental powers to break free of his puny imprisonment on Asgard, and this time he does it by... hitting Thor on his Chromosomatic Gland, thus causing a complete personality change from good to evil. Obviously. One wonders why he goes to such bother when he could just trick someone closer to home to let him out or some...

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More Like Chromosomatic Bland 0

Gather round people. I want a little informal sit down about our internment protocols for Loki. I mean we chain him to all these different rocks and walls and every time he escapes using his magic, that is so powerful it can influence events on a different planet. Maybe it’s time we address this, maybe move him to a magic proof room? Use some sort of magic resistant chains? Anything at all!? Guys? Guys!!?Look this is the third or fourth time this exact plot point has been used in Loki&rsqu...

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