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Thor Nukes China

To give you an idea of what this issue is like (if you can't tell by the cover), here's a summary of the splash page:

Out of the sinister, scientific laboratories of Red China is spawned a new kind of menace, designed only for one purpose... to destroy the mighty Thor, protector of democracy! That is the background, and this is the story! The titanic tale of...
The Mighty Thor versus... "The Mysterious Radio-Active Man!"
"By Odin! Something has deflected my hammer! I cannot injure you!"
"Exactly, Thor! The radiations of my body have turned your now-useless weapon aside!"
"Great guns! Thor is done for! He's at the Radio-Active Man's mercy... And that means we are too!"

O.K., so let's break down what we have here, shall we?:
The Good
Jack Kirby is back - and his art looks better than ever. - especially machinery like the Chinese robots
A story with connections to real world events (the Sino-Indian War at the time this was written)
Don Blake doing volunteer medical work in foreign lands
True to life the Red Chinese re-purpose a Buddhist temple 
A villain besides Loki who can actually pose a threat to Thor - and one with an almost believable origin
Thor is unable to save the day because Don Blake is in surgery - trying to save a man's life!
The Bad
Stan Lee's anti-commie propaganda finally jumps from the backup stories into Thor
Racial stereotyping 
Obviously bad science
Radio-Active Man to Thor: "I'll simply use my radioactive powers to put you in a hypnotic trance!"
All of New York conveniently decides to run away just before Thor involuntarily reverts to Dr. Blake
Don Blake is also a Reed Richards type scientist who can whip up the gadget he needs in minutes!
Thor continues to exhibit new powers with alarming regularity
and yes...
Thor nukes China
So, as you can see, the good and the bad are about equal here - hence the average rating.

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