Journey into Mystery #83

    Journey into Mystery » Journey into Mystery #83 - The Stone Men From Saturn! released by Marvel on August 1962.

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    Donald Blake, a crippled doctor, is vacationing in Norway while at the same time aliens from Saturn land right outside the village he is staying in. The aliens are scouting out Earth for a planned invasion. A lone fisherman sees the aliens and tells his fellow villagers, but they say that he is crazy and ignore him. But Donald overhearing, goes to find them. However when he finds them, they also find him and he flees. While climbing a rocky hill he trips and loses his cane. He manages to get himself into a cave to hide. When the exit is blocked by a large boulder he starts to give up but accidentally finds a secret chamber. In it he finds only an ancient walking cane. He tries to use it as a lever to no avail, out of anger he hits the boulder with it, and all of a sudden. The cave is bathed in light and Donald is transformed into the GOD OF THUNDER, THOR!!! He destroys the boulder with ease and exits the cave. Outside of the cave he discovers that if he doesn't have the hammer within 60 seconds he will revert back to the doctor Donald Blake. He then starts to experiment with his powers and finds out that he can make storms and end them just by pounding his hammer on the ground. Elsewhere, a fleet of ships holding the aliens from Saturn are picked up on earths radar screens. But when fighter jets do confront the aliens they make an image of giant dragon appear and they scare off the pilots. Then ground forces send missiles at the fleet only to explode harmlessly off the ships, Thor decides to fight the aliens. He finds them on the ground and starts to attack when they drop a cage on top of him. He destroys the cage and disarms all of the alien's guns with his mighty hammer. Then when they send out there Mechano-Monster he smashes it to bits. The aliens then flee away in terror. After this Thor changes into Dr. Don Blake to escape from the curious soldiers.



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    The Most Exciting Super Hero of All Time!! ... Yep. 0

    So, the birth of Thor. And if this Comic Wiki is right, the first appearance of one of Hulk's Planet Hulk chums, Korg.  It's old, Silver Age old. It's awesome, Silver Age awesome.So, we have Donald Blake talking to himself as he explains all of Thor's mythos for anyone who might be hiding in the bushes. We get Jack Kirby defining a hero and we get a whole lot of rock butt getting kicked. But I think the more important thing is the clear differences between comics today and comics then. There is ...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    God of Thunder and Cheese! 0

    Journey Into CheesinessIn the early 60s, Marvel was on a roll. Stan Lee and a short list of artists had already created The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, and were making comic book history every month. Then it occurred to Stan that "we have never done a god"; and so, in the long-running Journey Into Mystery anthology, Thor is introduced.Now, even as a kid I remember having a problem with the idea of a great mythological figure being reduced to four-color superhero status... but, darn it...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    A Great Origin Story 0

    Thor was always a cool superhero. I mean he was a god, but he had his problems. This comic makes this clear, showing his alternate identity. But this comic also shows off all his powers and shows his love for earth. Ultimately if you want to read a good classic Marvel comic, then you should read this one....

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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