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Barbecue with Berzerckers

I know nowadays people, the media, the internet, everyone are buzzing about the lack of feminin force in the comic book industry, but I don't believe the answer to this problem is to give a female writer a female character and letting her weave a feminist whole based comic book story, I like Sif, I always fancied her for being a fierce warrior, yet sexy and charming enough, a lady and a brave woman, but now, over the effects of this Berzercker, she's nothing more than a bully whose thirsty for battle and problem seems to never be quenched. Ok, I enjoyed this issue better than the first chapter, but still the feminist banner is too much for me to take.I dislike feminism as much as I dislike macho behavior, they're the same side of the coin. To me, the best thing about this issue was Valerio Schiti's art, he's evolved a lot since his earlier works and brings to the story the best graphics of a rampaging asgardian warrior could need. The battle scenes with the asgardians banished to the dimension Sif was sent by Heimdall in last issue was nothing but epic, also Jordie Bellaire colors were amazing. I'm not very familiarized with Kathryn Immonen's writing, but so far I can tell I'm not impressed at all, she can write good dialogues, I give her that, but the characterizations of the main characters are shallow, the plot is weak and it's cliche after cliche, ending in another extra dimensional boring story. I know I'm minority in this review (at least in the internet), but I don't recommend this issue.

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