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Sif the Warrior Princess

So here we are, half way through the first arc post Gillen. And you know what? This title hasn't fallen apart. It's still entertaining, it's still fun. In fact Kathryn Immonen has done a great job so far picking up this book and running with it.

I've never read a comic that had Sif as a main character, she was always one of Thor's extended cast whenever I've seen her before. So it was a pleasant surprise to me that she has been able to carry the spotlight so well. Getting a very strong Xena vibe from her, which isn't a bad thing.

Don't mess with Sif. It won't end well.
Don't mess with Sif. It won't end well.

This arc has seen Sif struggling with where she fits in. She strives to be the very best warrior Asgard has to offer. She wants nothing more than to step out from behind the shadow of Thor and her brother Heimdall. This led her to seek out Aerndis, a teacher, who at Sif's request, turns her into a Beserker, increasing her speed and strength but also leaving her with a insatiable hunger for battle which leads into her current predicament. Banished by Heimdall onto a forgotten island between realms.

An island which turns out to be over run with monsters. Monster Island? ...OK! Sif wastes no time and gets to work on cutting the monster population down to size.

So a lot of hacking and slashing and running around make up the bulk of this issue. Which is all drawn with a great sense of motion and planning by Valerio Schiti. The only thing that holds it back slightly is the colouring. It's too bright for my liking.

It's a little action heavy, but Immonen still manages to move the plot forward, even if it's only marginally. We get this through a side thread with Heimdall and a mention of a mysterious balance that must be maintained.

I won't give too much of what happens away. But lets just say that the last page is very unexpected and it really has me looking forward to what's in store.

The Verdict

One word that sums this issue up for me is - fun. Immonen has delivered another solid outing here. And while it isn't perfect, if you like the character of Sif you owe it to yourself to see her cut loose like this. Also the the recap at the start of the issue makes jumping on at this point quite easy.

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