omega_ray_jay's Journey into Mystery #644 - Everything Burns, Part The Fifth: Young Adult Fiction review

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Embers of Treachery

The Good

As the war ravages Asgardia, many of the heroes are caught in the throws of despair as the gravity of the situation is starting to show upon those who are left to carry the burden. Loki’s actions continue to do just as much damage as they do aid, as things hurtle towards the eleventh hour. The plot thickens once again here and at such a late point in the series it’s going to be fascinating to see the pay off’s for all the deals and double crosses that have been richly threaded throughout Everything Burns, and also right the way back into Journey Into Mystery. The writing is as strong as ever; it’s been another great issue especially with a particularly sharp betrayal that will surely have terrible effects for one character, who is already teetering on the edge, and some great banter between a rather odd couple. Once again love the artwork, excellent stuff.

The Bad

Once again found very little to mention, I would like to see what has happened to Master Wilson, a moment with him and inside the perspective of others within the Manchester God wouldn’t go a miss.

The Verdict

A great penultimate issue that has set the stage for an awesome showdown that will change the face of the nine realms. Loved this crossover and the way it has been conducted, it’s going to be a bitter sweet conclusion but up to and including this issue it’s been a blast.

4 out of 5


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