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A Shocking Betrayal

As Everything Burns comes even closer to it's conclusion this issue gives more twists and turns to the story. I have liked the crossover so far and the issue quality has been very consistent, unlike most series/crossovers which have some good issues and some poor issues. The only thing I am still not fond of from the Journey Into Mystery side of the crossover (and I have tried to like it) is the art, it would probably look a lot better if it wasn't for the fact Alan Davis was doing such wonderful art on the Mighty Thor.

This issue sees how Volstagg reacts to the way his friends (the rest of Warriors Three) reacted to the news that Volstagg had previously conspired with Loki. Meanwhile as Loki tries sneaking through Hel his hel-hound Thori to sacrifice himself for Loki who is grateful but upset over this.

When Thori returns it is a surprise when he has brought his father Hel-Wolf, Loki's former pet who wants to kill him for the way he treat him. Loki is very upset about the fact Thori has betrayed him but Thori says how he was also upset with the way Loki treat him (like a dog).

Hela gives Loki the chance to go back to the time just before the fall of Dark Asgard (end of Fear Itself) and change something that will alter the course of the end of Everything Burns.

This was a good issue and story wise was probably the best issue in the crossover so far. I really liked how Ikol reacted when Loki asks him why he never sacrifices himself for him more often, to which Ikol replies his sacrifice is why Loki is here today. I also liked how Loki reacts when Thori betrayed him and how when Hel-Wolf went to attack Garm (Thori's mother) steps in and fights Hel-Wolf. Besides this the only thing I thought was bad about this issue and the previous was how little (to none) Thor was involved in the issue although it was interesting how he was involved in this issue.

Final verdict. This was a good issue and I am looking forward to the finally in The Mighty Thor #21. I would highly recommend both issues and the story itself (which has featured in The Mighty Thor #18-20 with 21 to come, and Journey into Mystery #642-644).

Rating: 4/5

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