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It Would Behoove You To Stock Pretzels...

Mephisto's had a hell of a day so what better way to take the edge off than a nice drink and a kindly ear to listen?

The Good

Stephanie Hans has been doing a superb job on the covers for this book! Can't wait for those hideous Fear Itself logos to stop marring her work.

Since we're on the topic of art, the regular team is off this issue. Despite having totally different styles to the norm Richard Elson and Rachelle Rosenberg do a great job. And all things considered, I gotta say their work is more suited for the nature of this issue than the regular team would've been.

The intros/recaps to this book are awesome, but this one, by far is my favorite. If nothing else Gillen knows how to write two characters, the first being Loki the second, Mephisto. Gillen has such a strong handle on Marvel most known devil and that mastery of character and voice makes this issue an absolute joy to read.

I've yet to read a single issue by Kieron Gillen where I haven't literally laughed out loud. This statement holds especially true of Journey Into Mystery. The effortless and organic humor in this series makes it a must by month in and month out.

One of Marvel's biggest strengths as a company is it's detailed and expansive cosmology and few writers play as well in as Gillen does. The Infinite Embassy and Devil's Advocacy are some great new concepts to insert into this sphere and I look forward to seeing them in future stories.

This issue is packed to the brim with excellent cameos by many of the Deities and devils of the Marvel U. Seeing Mephisto interact with all of them made this issue an excellent and rewarding read. The way he manipulates and moves among the various factions proves why he's the creme de la creme of Marvel Devils.

Mephisto's view on identity was a nice little philosophical nugget to chew on.

If Mephisto walks into your bar you'd had very damned well provide the best service possible...

Clever as little Loki is, Mephisto's on to his games. This should make for some very interesting future encoutners between the two.

The Bad

The ugly logo that's been interrupting Stephanie Hans' beautiful work. I can't wait for people to see her work unaltered after that idiotic event ends.

The Verdict

In a lot of ways this issue reminds me of Gaiman's Sandman (always a good thing). While a side issue/one shot story it does have a relevance to the main narrative and gives a nice change of perspective. I recommend buying this issue for those that have been curious about this title (one of the best out there by the way) or fans of Mephisto or Marvel's cosmic goings on.

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