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Returning Mephisto to his former glory 0

"One More Day", what? That's right; Kieron GIllen is taking Mephisto back to the character's grim, scary roots and far, far away from being a convenient deus ex machina device with an unhealthy obsession for breaking up peoples' marriages. This whole issue ignores this volume's main character and focuses instead on Marvel's demon king, and it is an absolute delight.For those looking for an action packed comic, they need to look elsewhere. Then again, the entire run of this title thus far has bee...

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The name that others call you 3

This issue takes an interesting though at times bizarre approach at explaining a lot of the background dealings involved with Fear Itself.  It is told from the vantage point of Mephisto who fills in here for the lead of the series (Loki) by narrating the events and referring to the lead character only in passing.  The story is mostly told in flashbacks as Mephisto is confiding in a bartender (this is after the first page which break the fourth wall) and tells of the underworld's and various pant...

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It Would Behoove You To Stock Pretzels... 0

Mephisto's had a hell of a day so what better way to take the edge off than a nice drink and a kindly ear to listen?The GoodStephanie Hans has been doing a superb job on the covers for this book! Can't wait for those hideous Fear Itself logos to stop marring her work.Since we're on the topic of art, the regular team is off this issue. Despite having totally different styles to the norm Richard Elson and Rachelle Rosenberg do a great job. And all things considered, I gotta say their work is more ...

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There's A Story Bartenders Tell About The Devil 1

Mephisto, fresh from his pact with Hela and Loki, unloads his stresses on an unwitting bartender. And considering what's happening on account of a certain Asgardian god of fear, that's certainly a lot of stress.The GoodPacing wise this issue is a pleasant surprise. I wouldn't have thought I need to take a break from Loki's adventures and machinations to bring down the Serpent, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What other reviewers might consider filler I consider a fresh perspective. It's true that ...

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The Best This Series Has Offered In A While 0

This is, by far, the best issue since the beginning of this Loki focused storyline. No, it doesn't have much to do with the primary plot of what is going on until the last few pages. But we see some really great character development here, something that's been lacking within a series that's supposed to be developing Loki. Not to mention, Gillan makes me actually like Mephisto as a character and now care about the events involving him, something that I was hard-pressed to do otherwise.This issue...

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