Journey into Mystery #116

    Journey into Mystery » Journey into Mystery #116 - The Trial Of The Gods released by Marvel on May 1965.

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    "The Trial of the Gods!" - Odin sends Thor and Loki to Skornheim to determine which one has lied to him. Odin confiscates Thor's hammer as they are to venture through this perilous land unarmed, Loki has hidden the Norn Stones in his robe. Аnd, to further his advantage, as the trial begins, Loki reveals to Thor that he has sent the Executioner and the Enchantress to menace Jane Foster!

    Tales of Asgard: "The Challenge!" - Thor and Loki are on a diplomatic mission to King Hymir. Loki and the king scheme to enslave Thor by issuing a challenge he cannot refuse!
    The Hammer Strikes (letters column)

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    The Trials of Thor 0

    To resolve a dispute between Thor and Loki, Odin sentences the two gods to a contest - a journey through Skornheim, with the first to return the winner. But first he relieves Thor of his hammer. Loki, however, has taken the Norn Stones with him unbeknownst to Odin, and to further trouble Thor, he reveals that he's sent The Executioner and The Enchantress to menace Jane Foster!  This is a better than average issue of the 'Journey Into Mystery with...' phase of Thor comics. The challenge is pretty...

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    Everybody Loves a Contest Between Gods 0

    WARNING SPOIILERS!Races and trials are always good reading! It's entertaining to watch how Thor is able to beat the various obstacles, while Loki gets the lead by cheating. I was disappointed with the first trial though; it seemed a bit contrived. You can't tell if Thor is in sinking sand or in lava... or is it a combination of the two? And how he gets out seems a bit odd... it appears that he goes for the old slip 'n slide method.It's strange how Thor overcomes the second trial, too, a field of...

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