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             As Thor soars through the New York City skyline he sees a crowd of  young men arguing. Thinking the argument might  turn ugly, Thor flies closer to the crowd. Hovering above, Thor overhears what the argument is about. It seems the youngsters are arguing over who is stronger Hulk or Thor. Thor decides to join the group. To settle the argument and to provide a truthful account of the actual event , Thor proceeds to tell the young men of his first  encounter  with the incredible Hulk. Thor recollects how he and the Avengers took on Hulk and Prince Namor, the Submariner in Gibraltar (Avengers #3). Thor recalls the rest of the Avengers tried to stop Prince Namor, as he took on the Hulk in some nearby caves. As Thor followed Hulk Into the caves the Hulk rips sections of rock from the surrounding walls trying to trap the God of Thunder under massive rock. Realizing Hulk strength rivals his own Thor develops a plan. By whirling his enchanted hammer at an incredible speed Thor creates a whirlwind that is impervious to the Hulk. It causes a dimension disruption. Protected from the Hulk inside the enchanted whirlwind, Thor sends a telepathic message to his Father Odin. Thor  requests to be able to retain his power without his mighty Uru for 5 minutes to engage the Hulk in hand to hand battle. Odin agrees and makes it so.  Feeling relieved that that his request was honored, Not needing his mallet Thor  attempts to hurl it away when the incredible Hulk lands in front of it and makes a two handed grab. Hulk is  now focused on breaking the mystical mallet.  Even though his mallet contains no magical power, Thor  attempts to save it from the beast.  With Thor close to retrieving it at one point the Hulk finds Thor distracted and floors him.  Gathering himself Thor moves with blinding speed finally retrieves his hammer. Hulk tears into the nearby wall to find a hidden WWII mine from its cache. He throws it at Thor, exploding on impact.  The Hulk tries to take the advantage, thinking Thor to weary to continue. Thor evades his foes attack to deliver several punishing blows to the Hulk. The Hulk looks like he is about to go down when he siezes the Thor wrists. Astonishingly the mighty Thor lifts the incredible Hulk above his head only to have him fall upon his shoulders as Thors 5 minutes have run their course. Hulk tosses his foe away as the cavernous tunnel in which they fight in starts to collapse causing a cave in separating the combatants. Calling for his mighty Uru Thor clears away the solid rock encasing him . Soon Thor works his way to the surface. There he encounters Namor running from his battle with a dazed ironman.  As Thor steps up to bring down Namor ,the Hulk suddenly joins the fray. Together they try to wrest the hammer  from Thors grip.  It looks like the Hulk will finally succeed when suddenly  Giant Man breaks up the wrestling match. Thor calls out  to his mystical uru , it obeys as it levitates with urgency to its masters hand. The mighty Thor decides to stop the story there. He tells the group of young men that after the fight Namor and Hulk both vanish. He leaves the young men with this thought, "It Is not the one who possesses the greatest power who is important!! It is the one who uses their power wisely in the cause of justice." Thor raises his mighty uru over his head twirls it then tosses it,he is in flight.  As he flies away he believes that "Strength alone is meaningless without virtue,it is an empty shell. and prays that the Hulk someday learns that lesson.
    Back story:
    Tales of Asgard: The Coming of Loki!


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    Thor vs. Hulk (round 1) 0

    So, who's stronger, The Incredible Hulk or The Mighty Thor?  This issue seeks to address that question. As you may recall, the Hulk and Thor fought (very briefly) once - in Avengers #3. This issue opens with some kids fighting over the question above, and a passing Thor stops to let them know by narrating a tale that expands upon the time Thor and Hulk were fighting "offstage" in that Avengers story.   To be sure, there is some of the usual Silver Age flaws - Stan has Hulk chucking a convenient...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    An Epic Silver Age Battle 0

      Who's stronger Thor or Hulk ? Till this very day we  still want to know. Many fans have probably asked that very question many times to Stan Lee. Well, Stan does his best to answer that question here.  Stan always had unique approach to his storytelling and here it is no different.  Stan uses his fans argument to frame the story. Thor takes time to break up an argument, between the young men at the onset of the story and helps resolve it. We are those young men. In this issue Thor retells his ...

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