Journey into Mystery #109

    Journey into Mystery » Journey into Mystery #109 - When Magneto Strikes! released by Marvel on October 1964.

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    Thor against the Master of Magnetism! At a local fair, Dr. Donald Blake is surprised by an attack from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Will Dr. Blake slip into the guise of Thor without gaining public attention? And what is the motivation behind Magneto’s civilian attack?

    "When Magneto Strikes!" - Magneto and his evil mutants come to New York searching for their nemises The X-Men. But Magneto's toying with the local magnetic field attracts the attention of the local thunder god!*

    Tales of Asgard: Banished from Asgard! - When Odin banishes Thor from Asgard, Arkin uses that knowledge to curry favor with the Queen of the Mountain Giants.

    Note: although the effects of the X-Men's powers appear in this issue, the X-Men themselves are never actually shown in the comic.


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    Thor, Magneto, Equally Dumb Make For An Even Match 0

    The story opens with Thor touring a Hall of Heroes at the New York World's Fair, which includes a statue of him, and the rest of the Avengers, as well as The Fantastic Four. We are told that they also have statures of the X-Men, but they're "in the next room". This is appropriate, because although the X-Men use their powers to affect events in this issue - they are never seen, they're always in the next room, or just off panel.  I have to admit, I was a little wary about this issue, given that t...

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    Spotlight on Magneto 0

    This issue features a battle between Thor and Magneto. Having reviewed most of the early appearances of the Master of Magnetism, I realized I had overlooked this one. I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty impressive depictions of both combatants and their powers. Kirby even has a splash panel featuring Magneto's power influencing the entire New York metropolitan area.   But lets take a closer look at the story. The story opens with a rather cute scene, featuring a fictionalized version ...

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