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Loki berates his lackeys Enchantress and Executioner for failing to disarm Thor. On Midgard, Thor encounters Skaag, a massive Storm Giant that escaped Asgard after getting past Balder. Now, Thor and Balder must defeat Skaag and his fire demon before mortal life is lost!

"Giants Walk the Earth!" - When Odin goes to Earth, Loki frees Skagg the storm giant and Surtur the fire demon to Earth to defeat him. But, Heimdall overhears Loki's incantations and sends Balder the Brave to Earth to warn Thor.

"Revenge!" - On a distant asteroid, a man plots revenge against his former best friend.

"Poor Oscar!" (part 2) - continuing the story about unlucky Oscar.

Tales of Asgard Home of the Mighty Norse Gods: Heimdall, Guardian of the Mystic Rainbow Bridge! - How Heimdall became the guardian of Bifrost.


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The Epic Battle for Earth? 0

Odin, who we are once again reminded is "the wisest" of all the Asgardian gods, leaves Asgard, leaving Loki in charge and giving him more power too - that doesn't sound too wise to me, and doesn't speak very well to the wisdom of the rest of the gods either. Anyway, Loki wastes no time in sending Skagg and Surtur a storm giant and a fire demon to Earth to destroy Odin. But Heimdall sends Balder to warn Thor. Together, Balder, Odin and Thor have an epic battle for the fate of Earth and Asgard on ...

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