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Nothing Special

Although this issue of Journey into Mystery introduces two characters that will become long-recurring foes of Thor, much like the issue that introduced Dr. Doom to the Fantastic Four, the story itself isn't very exciting, or even particularly good.

Odin is still determined that Thor should not love a mortal, and at Loki's suggestion, he sends The Enchantress to win him away from Jane Foster. Failing to drive Jane off by her wits alone, The Enchantress enlists the help of The Executioner to eliminate her.

Since both The Enchantress and The Executioner seem to have pretty limitless powers, there's not much excitement here - and remember, Thor's powers were pretty limitless back then too, so basically when he defeats the villains with a wave of the ol' hammer at the stories end, one is left asking, 'why didn't he just do that in the first place?'.

The back up stories include Poor Oscar, the standard text story of dubious quality, included to exploit a hole in the postal code; To Live Forever, a revision of a classic Lee/Lieber sci-fi tale; and the real highlight of the issue, Thor's Mission to Mirmir, a Lee/Kirby adaptation of a Norse creation myth.

Enough of the O.K., when's Thor going to get good?

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