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Thor goes on a rampage through New York City after his father Odin denies him a marriage with Jane Foster. Unaware of the damage his tantrum is causing, Hank Pym as Giant Man must step in to appeal to Thor’s conscience. Also featuring Iron Man!

  1. The Return of Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man - Loki restores Zarrko's memory so that he will seek revenge against Thor!
  2. The Flying Saucer that Was (text story) - George Ridley finds the local science teacher rambling about flying saucers!
  3. The Enemies! - It was more than a war of worlds! It was a cosmic drama of good and evil!
  4. Tales of Asgard: The Invasion of Asgard! - Thor must single-handedly hold off the forces of evil that would invade Asgard!

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Been There, Done That 0

'The Return of Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man!' is a pretty formula story - once again Loki, unable to go to Earth himself, finds a proxy - this time, Zarrko - to battle and bedevil Thor. The only twist this time is that Thor, under punishment from Odin, has only half his power.  Then there's the requisite and unremarkable text story and sci-fi comic backups, but they hardly bear mentioning.  Finally, we get another 'Tale of Asgard'. This time subtitled, 'The Invasion of Asgard'. I've come to realize ...

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Oh-Dindn't You Hear? 0

Thor and Odin remain at odds as Thor’s love of Jane Foster holds ever stronger. Now Loki steps into the fray to stir the pot and vanquish his brother once and by bringing back the villainous … Can Thor defeat this foe in spite of his weakened state?Once again we continue the story of Thor's efforts to gain Odin's approval for him to court with Jane Foster. Thor's sour mood leads Odin to punish Thor leaving him weakened just as an old foe reappears, all engineered by Loki. Loki has ...

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The Return Of Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man! 0

A story very much of two halves this month as Thor continues his brooding over his beloved Jane Foster, and then has his powers cut in half by his father as punishment for disobeying his command to forget about her. Lo and behold however that Loki, mischievous as ever, somehow goes into the future and connects with Zarrko, The Tomorrow Man (you know, from two years ago) and convinces him to get revenge on Thor. And that he does; and the whole thing ends on a cliffhanger. It's alright, I guess, a...

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