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  1. The Master Plan of Mr. Hyde - Thor returns from Asgard to discover he's a wanted man! To avoid conflict with the police, he reverts to his Don Blake persona. But when he and Jane Foster our taken captive by Mr. Hyde, Thor learns the full extent of the master plan of Mr. Hyde!
  2. Tricky Travel (text story) - a travel agent has some unusual vacation experiences of his own.
  3. The Unreal! - in the 21st Century, a man makes an emergency landing on an unknown planet and encounters the most horrible monsters the universe has ever known!
  4. Tales of Asgard: The Storm Giants - Young Thor and Loki travel to the home of the Storm Giants to recover the Golden Apples of Iduna!

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Good, but not quite the 100th issue spectacular you might expect- 0

Issue 100 of Journey Into Mystery finally hit the news stands one crisp morning in January of 1964. It closed out both the plotline concerning Mr. Hyde's sinister plans, as well as Thor's petition to Odin to have Jane Foster granted immortality. While it was a better than average Thor story, from both a writing and art perspective, it failed to address one major point - how was Mr. Hyde able to disguise himself as Thor (last issue) and rob a bank?  The backup stories - 'Tricky Travel' and 'The U...

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Evil Hyde's In Plain Sight 0

After last issues shocking conclusion answers are needed? Why did Thor rob that bank? Will Odin make Jane immortal, will Jane ever find out Dr Blake is Thor? Will someone finally notice that Thor keeps flying into the window of a renowned medical practitioner who is suspiciously blonde? The story built from the last and provided a satisfying conclusion to Hyde’s antics, while continuing the never ending Thor / Jane Foster drama. All of the character’s actions made sense, Jane hiding ...

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The Master Plan Of Mr. Hyde! 0

Odin is all "hell no!" this month as he reverts his decision made previous issue to consider making Jane Foster an immortal. All this because she covered Thor's hammer with a blanket or something thus buying Mr. Hyde some time to escape. Oh well, better luck next time. Same goes for Mr. Hyde too who despite capturing Blake and Foster, bringing them back to his castle and thenattempting to steal a submarine (why exactly we will never know), still manages to fudge things up with Thor and run (or s...

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